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Receipt Template for Restaurant Receipts

A restaurant receipt is a valuable tool for tracking information about a customer’s visit to your place and in the hands of customers themselves. Receipts can be helpful when you need to return or exchange an item, or even when you want to remember the details of a meal you enjoyed at a certain restaurant. Using the ExpressExpense template for restaurant receipts will help you keep track of all the information that matters, including tax and tips, so you don’t have to try to memorize it all. You’ll also find some great features for recalling special requests made by your customers and creating reference links for each receipt. The receipt generator is also an amazing way to make more money and save more energy. The more information that is on the receipt, the easier it is for customers to use their receipts and exchanges correctly. That increases your chances of repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing, which are both excellent for your bottom line. 

Receipts are a must, especially when you’re running a restaurant. What is the need to have a receipt template for restaurant receipts? There are many reasons behind it. 

TIP: Make sure you get their email address so you can send them receipts or marketing offers in the future.

Keeping track of all payments and knowing how much you make each day, week, and month is essential. Better bookkeeping will help you manage your expenses and plan your budget for the next period. 

  • It helps customers to know exactly what they paid for. 

With a professional-looking restaurant receipt template, you can choose between different types of receipts depending on your business needs. You can email it to your customer. It makes it easier to understand their bills and also helps them keep track of their spending habits. 

  • Lastly, if the customer wishes for any changes, he can simply make them on his bill before paying, which makes things more convenient for him and lighten up for you as well. 

A template is a digital document containing an empty form that you can fill in with your details. A restaurant receipt template is utilized to create a restaurant receipt that can be emailed, downloaded, and given to customers who have paid for their meal. There is also an option to print it. For a standard itemized restaurant receipt, it contains all the details that are usually required on a receipt: 

  • business name
  • business address
  • Business contact number
  • date of purchase.
  • time of sales transaction
  • name of server 
  • Item number, name, and price
  • The mode of payment 
  • Subtotal
  • Tax (if any) 
  • Total 
  • A “Thank you” message at the bottom of the receipt

For other receipt templates, you may customize them according to your preferences. You may add additional details, such as tips, marketing promotions, social media pages, a web page, or a barcode, at the bottom of the receipt. You can even add a logo to raise brand awareness for your company, and it’s easier for your customers to remember.

You may visit the FAQs page for further details.

Receipt Template for Pharmacy and Drugstore Receipt

A receipt is one of the most crucial documents maintained by business houses. Pharmacy or drugstore transactions are recorded here, including purchases and sales between parties. They form the proof that sums up the terms and conditions mentioned in a purchase or sales agreement signed between businesses. Making them useful in legal cases too. By using digital receipt templates, you can make the task of making pharmacy receipts less tedious, thereby leaving more time for business expansion. Most companies need to improve their customer satisfaction rate to be able to gain new customers.

Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt and Drugstore Receipt can be generated using an online receipt generator. It is a system used to keep track of the sales made in a pharmacy. Significantly, the pharmacy has a way of keeping track of all their sales information and being able to give out correct information to customers who ask for it, such as the price of a certain medicine, how much it costs, or any discounts associated with it, and so on.

The main purpose of having an Online Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt is to make sure all the information regarding sales is recorded and stored properly so that salespeople will not have to worry about filling out paperwork every time they sell a product. Nowadays, most stores use computers to keep track of their income and expenses. Online Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt has several important fields that need to be filled out so you can get accurate results. For example, you will be able to record the name of the item sold or any other details that might be requested by your customer. This can also include the price and total amount paid by the customer. Using this information will help you have an organized business so you can keep track of everything related to your store’s income and expenses.

Below you will find an organized and detailed sample of pharmacy and drugstore receipts which includes generic and professional templates. From this example, you can see that the pharmacy receipt conforms to the bylaws of both establishment and state laws. By conforming to the laws, you ensure that your record-keeping practices comply when it comes time to provide documentation for filing taxes or any legal matters.

For generic receipt or template:

For professional-quality customized receipts or templates

The online pharmacy receipt is an essential part of the pharmacy services. GET STARTED TODAY for a more convenient way of making receipts.

Receipt Making Tips

Tips on Making Digital Receipts

Every day, and every after-sales transaction, you provide receipts to your customers. It may sound overstated however receipts are proof of purchase of a product or service which can be useful to business and filing taxes. On the other hand, receipts are also one of the most frequently discussed or ignored by an individual whether it is for personal or business matters. As technology takes to progress in the business industry, software tools and mobile apps continue to expand that is why digital receipts were created and utilized.

There are different kinds of receipts, and they come from different formats. It can be a common receipt, itemized receipt, itemized barcode receipt, custom logo receipt, and a lot more. It just depends on what kind of business you’re running or whether it is a large enterprise or SME. Using an online receipt generator you can customize your receipts according to your business demands. Aside from e-marketing messages, you can add more relevant details to your receipts to guide, remind and attract more customers. 

  1. a reminder on return/exchanged items and how many days can be valid, based on the date of the purchase
  2. store hours and days opened
  3. any suitable personalized message (Thank you for shopping! etc.)
  4. logo of the company
  1. enabling barcodes to make return/exchanged items faster and for easy tracking

Customized receipts are an excellent tool to convey significant purchasing information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format so as to keep your customers and employees well-informed.

Typically, for some stores it will display:

  • the purchase date and time 
  • the number of goods purchased and total price
  • the name and location of the business from which the items were purchased
  • transaction/reference/receipt number 
  • any VAT charge 
  • payment method, 
  • the amount paid, and 
  • return policy

For other businesses it will display:

  • The name and address of the company 
  • The name and address of the customer
  • The payment date
  • An official receipt number
  • The amount paid
  • Any VAT charge
  • The payment method (credit card, cash, voucher, coupons, gift certificates)
  • A signature or initials of the employee receiving the payment

As long as the basic components are included, it is valid and may also be used for business reimbursement and tax purposes. 

Creating professional digital receipts for your customers is critical for your brand awareness and building customer relationships. Adding a company logo will help your customers to recognize your brand and remain in front of their minds and that is one of your business objectives.

Furthermore, the impacts of digital receipts will stay longer than the effects of paper receipts because they can check or be seen again when customers log in to their emails. A paper receipt is more likely to be lost inside a wallet, bag, drawer, or misplaced, fades out, discarded, and can no longer have access. It is also environmentally friendly. Sustainability is more than simply a catchphrase but it’s a human act of kindness. It is now more crucial than ever to do your part to protect the environment.

Receipt Making Tips

Receipts and Reimbursement

It is critical to define what are the reimbursable expenses that your employees can reimburse. You should set rules and guidelines so as to be fair and transparent and to avoid any forthcoming dilemmas. When your employees pay certain expenses on behalf of your company, they need to spend money coming from their pocket. It is just right to reimburse your employees punctually covered expenses in full. However, this doesn’t mean that employees get to claim reimbursement for every payment they make right away upon verbally reporting. There are particular rules. They need to:

  1. Present receipts
  2. Present invoices
  3. Present other supporting documents that will support the declared payments
  4. It should be business matters, only

 Reimbursable payments are the following:

  • Business travel expense – this is covered both local and abroad travel, such as attending conferences, seminars, and meetings. It can be 2 days or overnight stay in the hotel. Though basically, these are booked prior to your employees’ designated arrival. Circumstances may change and this may be applicable for reimbursement. For travel abroad, you need to consider the travel documentation like a visa, and in some instances, employees need to get vaccinated for the reason that in other countries this is needed. Traveling for business may entail a wide range of activities with corresponding expenses, that is why keeping receipts is crucial to make your employees’ claims legitimate. 
  • Meals and entertainment – employees’ drinks and food on the plane are included in the travel expense same with breakfast in their hotel accommodation. Lunch and dinner of your employees should be covered. If your employee wants to contact the client for a dinner treat as it may bring a positive impact on the business relationship, then it should be a valid expense. As long as it is in the interest of your company, covering the costs is worthwhile. For entertainment, it is justifiable only when the client attended the event. 
  • Transportation costs – as long as it is for work travel purposes, it should be covered. For instance, your employees may pay their travel expenses when commuting by public transport and doing business errands or driving to the office to buy office supplies.
  • Office materials or supplies expenses – this occasionally occurs when your employees mess with productivity levels at work. For example, there is no ink printer available or the keyboard is broken. Giving them the best office equipment is significant for them to produce high-quality work.

The expenses or purchases that are made by the employees should be related to the services to his employer. It is something that an employee needs to do because it is his job and has no personal agenda. Any reimbursable payments should always be reported responsibly to the respective department within a reasonable amount of time.

To make it more convenient on your end, you should make changes to monitor your financial activities. Use a receipt generator that can help you and your finance teams to improve and make the claims faster. You can authorize one of your employees that are on a travel assignment to enter data on the system for easy access and reporting.  ExpressExpense lets you create a receipt on your phone anytime. You can provide the company smartphone to your employee and download the app on Apple Store and Google Play Store and set it up. It’s a real-time tracking expense and automates on your end. You manage your receipts digitally. As a result, you only need to match the receipts with the employee-declared expenses in the system.

How to Make a Services Receipt

How do you handle your Company Expenses Report if you have missing receipts? 

For online business owners, which one do you think is effortless, an online receipt, or the usual paper receipt?

In monitoring the business activities of a firm, whether you are considered a Small-to-medium sized business (SMB), a Small-to-medium (SME) or, a Large Enterprise, receipts are significant. You get to have accurate Financial reports to record all the expenses needed to produce an income statement report that will help you to monitor the financial performance of the company. Business owners, requiring their employees to always present receipts for reference.

For some business owners, they are using online receipts because it saves them a lot of time and effort and things become effortless and lighter in running their business. They can simply email the professional receipt templates to their customers directly. 

While for personal use, if you are a very organized person, it helps you monitor your daily or monthly budget for labor or any services expenses. There are still people that are fond of filing receipts.

Repairs and maintenance expenses are one of the Business Expense Categories to consider to track its business spending. Receipts are the primary supporting documents to attach aside from the company petty cash voucher. Business owners and accountants need these for audit or accuracy information purposes. If you missed a receipt, Express Expense can provide a high-quality one for you. The online receipt maker is called Services Receipt (Labor, Services, Entertainment).

To have an idea, here’s a sample receipt:

To make a receipt, you need the following business information:

Date, Time, Business, Address, City, State, Telephone, Amount, Tax or VAT percentage, if any. 

There are five kinds of Font Style to choose from:

  • Font Style 1
  • Font Style 2
  • Font Style 3
  • Font Style 4
  • Font Style 5

Enter all the receipt information and click “Make Receipt” to generate. You can download, email, or print it. If you would like to print real receipts, you can use our FREE mobile app Express Thermal Print and a Bluetooth thermal printer. This Mobile App is available for IOS and Android. We recommend purchasing a larger one. An (80mm) receipt printer will allow you to print 2 inches (58mm) and 3 inches (80mm) receipts. You can simply use a scissor to cut the receipt after printing.

Express Expense is the number one leading online receipt maker in the world and it is business reliable that many business professionals use it. It offers a wide variety of receipt templates such as Coffee, Restaurant, Gas or Fuel, Pharmacy, Grocery Store, and many more! You can customize your receipts to match nearly any receipt type. To check all our services, you can visit our homepage.

If you are ready, let’s create a receipt. Click here and, this is how the form looks like:

It’s just easy to follow and you can generate a receipt in just a few minutes. Try it today and avoid the stress of having a missing receipt.

How to make a fake Walmart receipt?

Making a receipt for Walmart purchases is easy using an online receipt maker like ExpressExpense. Follow these 5 steps to create a Walmart receipt:

  1. First, choose the Walmart receipt template from the library of receipt templates.
  2. Next, enter the store information and purchase information into the receipt generator input screen. Add itemized items to the receipt using the tool.
  3. Add a Walmart logo to the receipt like this one: Walmart Receipt Logo
  4. Finally, Click “Make Receipt” and view the generated Walmart receipt. Download or email the receipt to your device.

The Walmart receipt template has been carefully designed to match Walmart receipts. The receipt font used in this template is an exact replica of the thermal printer used at Walmart stores.

Anatomy of a Walmart receipt

The receipt header information on Walmart receipts varies from store to store. Some Walmart stores choose to put the physical address of the store on the receipt while others only list the store manager name and the phone number.

ST# is Walmart store number. OP# is the cashier number ( aka: operator number ). TE# is the register number. TR# is a transaction number for that register.

The barcode is the TC# number. When you return an item in the store, a Walmart employee will scan this barcode.

The Store Number (ST#), OP#, TE#, TR# values are all randomly generated when the receipt is created.

The items on the Walmart receipt are listed in the order they are scanned at time of purchase. To the right of the the item price, you may see a letter -N, X, O or T – that denotes the type of taxing the item received.

  • N = Nontaxable item
  • X = Taxable item
  • O = Sale item (nontaxable)
  • T = Sale item (taxable)
  • H = HSA (Health Spending Account) eligible item
  • F = Food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
  • K = Cashier manually keyed enter (did not scan properly)

The QR code is a new element on the Walmart receipt. This QR code is an encoded URL for looking up your receipt online. It was also utilized for collecting rewards using the Walmart App‘s Savings Catcher feature. Walmart discontinued this feature in May of 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Walmart Receipt Generator to create your own Walmart receipt.

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How do I get a receipt for Lyft Ride?

If you need a copy of your receipt for a ride taken with Lyft, there are a few options.  The first and most obvious option is to visit the Lyft app and find your Lyft ride receipt via the app.

To find your Lyft ride receipt in the Lyft app, visit the Ride History page.  From the Lyft Ride History Page, you’ll see a list of all Lyft Rides.  Choosing a Ride from this list will display the receipt for that particular Lyft ride.


Lyft also sends email receipts for each Lyft ride you take.  These are in a slightly different format that the app Lyft ride receipts.


If you can’t access your Lyft app to retrieve a Lyft ride receipt and you have deleted your emails from Lyft or somehow blocked those emails from your inbox – there is a final solution.

You can create a Lyft ride receipt using ExpressExpense receipt maker.  Simply SEARCH using the search bar at the top of the screen for “Lyft” and you’ll see the Lyft ride receipt template displayed in the search results.  You can customize the Lyft receipt template with the time of pick-up, time of drop-off, starting location, ending location, cost of ride and payment method.  The system will then attempt to map the locations you have provided using Google Maps and then a Lyft receipt is generated.  Easy!

Receipt template for Lyft receipt



You might also utilized ExpressExpense for receipts you need for Lyft expenses.  If you have a passenger (PAX) vomit in your vehicle, you need to submit a receipt for the cost of cleaning.  Finding a professional service to clean vomit out of your vehicle at 11:45PM at night is not feasible.  You likely need to clean this throw-up yourself and then send the bill for your time to Lyft for reimbursement.  In this case you need to make a receipt for a cleaning service (that’s you!) and be sure to itemize the cost of Special Cleaning for this disgusting mess.  Most Lyft or Uber drivers simply have to do this type of clean-up themselves and charge back the cost of cleaning to Lyft.

You must have a receipt for this cleaning for Uber or Lyft to reimburse you for cleaning fees.

Using ExpressExpense receipt creator – you can make a cleaning receipt for the vehicle cleaning.  Here is a sample made with the Cleaning Receipt Template.

How do I get a receipt for Apple Pay Cash?

So you’ve sent some money using Apple Pay Cash and need a receipt?   Apple Pay Cash is a fantastic payment system that allows you to send money to friends, family, co-workers or anyone (gardener, house cleaner…etc).  This fluid transfer of funds is great – but you might need to create a receipt for this transaction.  Perhaps you need a receipt for tax purposes?  Or your tenant paid you this month’s rent via Apply Pay Cash and needs a receipt.

Thankfully, you can easily create a receipt for Apply Pay Cash using ExpressExpense.  The website ( allows you to quickly choose a receipt style and then enter cost/value and any other details (business name, time, date..etc) you require.

You can also download the ExpressExpense app for iOS or Android and instantly create receipts for Apple Pay Cash purchases.


The next time you send or receive money using Apple Pay Cash and require a receipt – use ExpressExpense.  It is the easiest way to create professional receipts that match your Apple Pay Cash transaction.

How to Make a Receipt Using ExpressExpense Receipt Maker

Making receipts with ExpressExpense is as easy as typing in the receipt information into the receipt template and clicking make receipts. the system does the rest and creates beautiful professional, high-quality receipts for personal or business use.  it’s never been easier to create professional-looking receipts with your computer. ExpressExpense also has an iPhone and Android app that will allow you to create receipts from the palm of your hand. these apps are free in the App Store and work with Express Thermal Print app to print receipts directly to real receipt paper using Bluetooth thermal printers. 

To make your first receipt simply visit ExpressExpense and choose a receipt template from the homepage. There are many different kinds of receipts to choose from including restaurant receipts, Cafe receipt, service receipt, repair receipts, hotel receipts, credit card receipts, lunch receipts, dinner receipts, rent receipts, cash receipts, and the list goes on and on. Pay attention because some of the receipts are itemized and allow you to enter  details of each item that was purchased. Other receipts are able to be customized with logos or Graphics. You just need to upload an image and you can have it appear on your receipts. Noticed that receipt logos are converted to a bitmap black and white format to look like what would be printed on a real receipt.

Entering Receipt Basics – Business Information

Once you have chosen the receipt style you’d like to use you’ll be prompted to enter the receipt details. Each receipt has a default font already defined. You can change this font easily from the drop-down menu of fonts. next, enter the date and Time using the drop-down selection tools.  if you need to use a 24 hour clock you can do so by clicking the a.m. / p.m. indicator and setting it to blank. Next enter the business name in the field provided. You might have to abbreviate the business slightly because it only is able to display about 40-55 characters due to the narrow width of receipts.   now enter the business address you would like to have a pier on the customer receipt followed by the city and state as well as the ZIP code. Note that you can use any of the field inputs to display text on the receipt. For instance you could Utilize the address field for a website address instead of a physical address. It is entirely up to you to customize the receipt to make it exactly as you you would like to see.  The next field you’ll see is the currency selection drop down. Express extensive supports many many currencies from around the world. Choose the one that matches the currency your receipt requires. Next to the currency selection is the taxDrop down selector and tax rate input field. Receive can have one or two taxes added to the grand total. You’ll notice you can remove the tax from being added by selecting the none in the tax drop down. You can also choose from other options such as VAT , sales tax, service, tips or other International tax options from the tax drop down. You can then enter the actual tax percentage in the next column and the system will calculate the tax cost based on this percentage. Simply enter 5.5 to have the system calculate a tax of 5.5% of the subtotal.  If you would like to add a additional tax item press the green plus icon next to the tax fields.

Receipt Payment and Custom Text Fields

The next field available for input on the receipt generator is the payment field. This can be utilized to enter details about the type of payment –  such as “card swipe” or “chip card” or “card present” or “Visa ending in 3922” or “CASH”. we also have a Euro decimal separator option that is available to change the  decimal separator from a period “.” to a comma “,”.

For itemized receipts you’ll see three Fields provided to  input details of items purchased. QTY is used to represent the number of items purchased. Item name is used for the description of the item on the receipt.  Finally, “price” is used to show the cost of each item. Please note that the system will calculate the total cost by multiplying the (quantity X price) of each item.

Uploading Custom Logo to Receipt Template

Many of the receipts available on ExpressExpense have the ability to have a logo uploaded and place on the generated receipt.   this image should be a clear and simple logo or icon without Too Many Colors. PNG, JPEG and GIF File formats are all accepted. After uploading the image,  you can crop the image using the image cropping tool which is built into the ExpressExpense receipt system. The image will be converted to a black-and-white format in order to most authentically represent what a generated thermal receipt would look like. If you are having trouble with your image appearing on the receipt, consider converting your image to black-and-white before uploading the image to the receipt maker.

How to get a receipt for Venmo payment?

Need a receipt for a Venmo payment?  Venmo only offers very basic records of your payments.  If you need a receipt for goods or services and were paid with Venmo – you are likely searching for an easier solution for creating a receipt for your transaction.

The easiest way to make a receipt for a Venmo payment is to use the Venmo Receipt Template available at     You can quickly edit the receipt template on the screen and update the name, value and purchase description.   Once finished editing the Venmo receipt, you simply click “Download” and voila – a perfect receipt that looks like it was produced on the Venmo app itself.

We also have another solution to the situation:  ExpressExpense Receipt Maker.

Image result for venmo payment screenshot

If you received or sent a payment with Venmo and need a receipt – ExpressExpense is an easy way to create a receipt.


Create A Receipt for Venmo


ExpressExpense allows you to create receipts for anything.  Once you’ve created a receipt, you can easily share the receipt via email or SMS.

ExpressExpense Receipt Maker offers many receipt templates.  Receipts can be itemized, include logos, have specific tax-rates and currencies.

If you pay your housekeeper $100 a week using Venmo (or other payment services) and need a receipt for tax purposes…make a receipt!

If you are running lemonade stand and need to provide customers with accurate receipts for Venmo payments of $1 per lemonade…make a receipt using ExpressExpense!

If you are a trades persons (electrician, carpenter, etc) and you provide your services or supplies to a client or general contractor – make a receipt!


Create A Receipt for Venmo


Need a Uber Receipt Generator?  Make Uber receipts in a few seconds!   

Or check out – another fantastic receipt maker!