How To Make Receipts

How to make a fake Walmart receipt?

Making a receipt for Walmart purchases is easy using an online receipt maker like ExpressExpense. Follow these 5 steps to create a Walmart receipt:

  1. First, choose the Walmart receipt template from the library of receipt templates.
  2. Next, enter the store information and purchase information into the receipt generator input screen. Add itemized items to the receipt using the tool.
  3. Add a Walmart logo to the receipt like this one: Walmart Receipt Logo
  4. Finally, Click “Make Receipt” and view the generated Walmart receipt. Download or email the receipt to your device.

The Walmart receipt template has been carefully designed to match Walmart receipts. The receipt font used in this template is an exact replica of the thermal printer used at Walmart stores.

Anatomy of a Walmart receipt

The receipt header information on Walmart receipts varies from store to store. Some Walmart stores choose to put the physical address of the store on the receipt while others only list the store manager name and the phone number.

ST# is Walmart store number. OP# is the cashier number ( aka: operator number ). TE# is the register number. TR# is a transaction number for that register.

The barcode is the TC# number. When you return an item in the store, a Walmart employee will scan this barcode.

The Store Number (ST#), OP#, TE#, TR# values are all randomly generated when the receipt is created.

The items on the Walmart receipt are listed in the order they are scanned at time of purchase. To the right of the the item price, you may see a letter -N, X, O or T – that denotes the type of taxing the item received.

  • N = Nontaxable item
  • X = Taxable item
  • O = Sale item (nontaxable)
  • T = Sale item (taxable)
  • H = HSA (Health Spending Account) eligible item
  • F = Food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
  • K = Cashier manually keyed enter (did not scan properly)

The QR code is a new element on the Walmart receipt. This QR code is an encoded URL for looking up your receipt online. It was also utilized for collecting rewards using the Walmart App‘s Savings Catcher feature. Walmart discontinued this feature in May of 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Walmart Receipt Generator to create your own Walmart receipt.

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