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Reviewed: 5 of the best Receipt Makers

Today there are a number of receipt making website and apps available for you to utilize.

Are you in need of a receipt maker to create a receipt that is lost or misplaced?  Well there are many options available today for receipt makers on the web and app store.  Let’s go through and take a look at the top receipt makers that are out on the web and give you a look at the systems and talk about the advantages of each receipt makers and what they are each good at doing.

ExpressExpense – The Gold Standard of Receipt Makers

To start, let’s take a look at, the industry leader and largest and most capable of all the receipt makers out there. This receipt maker is considered the Gold Standard for receipt makers. It has over 50 receipt templates covering a wide range of receipt types. The interface is very straightforward and allows for easy data entry of receipt information. You do need to click the “Make Receipt” button in order to see the results of your receipt, but the system generates the receipt in less than 1 second.

Each receipt template has 5 different fonts you can select from. The receipt fonts at ExpressExpense are definitely the most high quality of any of the receipt makers out there. ExpressExpense has created font sets that are identical to the fonts used by the most common thermal receipt printers in the world. These receipt fonts are exact reproductions of receipt fonts you’d find on Home Depot, Target, Walmart and other receipts. This is truly a detail that is missing on other receipt makers.

ExpressExpense offers several free receipt templates available to anyone wanting to make receipts for free. In order to gain access to the rest of the receipt templates and remove the watermark on the receipts, you’ll need to purchase a membership. Memberships are available starting at $9.99 (Standard – 20 templates) or PRO (all receipt templates) is available for $15.99. ExpressExpense often has discounts available during holidays or tax season. If you catch one of these discounts, it is a good idea to purchase the Annual membership to lock-in the savings for longer period of time.

InvoiceWriter makes perfect hotel invoices

Next up is the website. This is also a very capable receipt maker and invoice maker. This site makes invoices for hotels, medical, auto shops and more. It also features a long list of receipt templates that are editable on-screen. These receipts are electronic (email or web) receipts that are issued by brands like Apple, Home Depot, Venmo or Verizon.

This tool is extremely useful for creating invoices for reimbursement of business expenses. For example, if you are reimbursed for your internet service but need to separate your personal account which includes several family phones and cable TV – this invoice maker can help. You can create a duplicate invoice for your cell phone provider and then easily create monthly invoices for the service you are wanting to be reimbursed for.

The system generates PDFs of the invoices you create which can be downloaded or emailed to yourself or others. These invoices are high quality and suitable for printing using any laser or inkjet printer.

When it comes to hotel invoices (guest folios) InvoiceWriter really shines. They have reproduced invoice templates for all of the major hotel brands and made them available for your invoice making purposes. These templates allow you to create a perfect copy of an invoice at any of these major hotel chains. Keep in mind each hotel chain also has many subsidiary brands which also use the same template.

Create receipts with MakeReceipt for less is another excellent resource for making receipts. This site basically is a clone of ExpressExpense, but with less templates and a lower price point. To date, there are 26 receipt templates available on the website. They span many styles of receipts: restaurant receipts, taxi receipts, rent receipts, cash receipts and more.

MakeReceipt is simple to use and does have some nice features. The receipt templates

There is also an iPhone/Android mobile app available for MakeReceipt receipt maker. It offers a free trial period where you can get full functionality of this tool for several days. Get the iPhone MakeReceipt App or the Android MakeReceipt App.

A Visual Receipt Template Editor – expenseFAST

expenseFAST is a relatively new tool that has become available for receipt making. It is different than ExpressExpense or MakeReceipt since it is truly a template system and does not automatically calculate values like subtotals, taxes or receipt total. Think of it more of an image editor that happens to focus on receipts. There are currently over 100 receipt templates available on expenseFAST’s website. They include:

  • ATM receipt templates – Wells Fargo, Citibank and more
  • Bank transfer receipt templates – Western Union, Moneygram
  • Luxury brand receipt templates – Gucci, Rolex, Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Ave
  • Hardware store receipt templates – Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware
  • Mobile phone receipt templates – Verizon, Apple, T-Mobile, Cricket

The receipt editor at expenseFAST is intuitive and simple to adjust. It allows updating of any of the receipt features such as receipt font, text placement, logo uploading and more.

ReceiptWriter free receipt maker is a free receipt maker that has many receipt templates available. It features a receipt making interface that instantly displays the receipt on-screen while you edit the receipt. This means you can see your changes to your receipt as you edit the receipt instead of having to click a “Make Receipt” button to view the results. There are several categories of receipts available including restaurant receipts, fast food receipts, taxi receipts and hotel receipts.

Companion Tools for Making Receipts

It is worth mentioning that there are two useful companion tools available for receipt making. These tools are perfect if you need

Doc2Scan is an great tool that allows you to take the receipt or invoice you created and make it look faxed, photocopied or scanned. Just upload your receipt generated with one of the tools above and Doc2Scan magically makes the document look like you scanned it. This is useful to make your super crisp digital receipt look more authentic.

If you need to print your receipt on actual receipt paper, Express Thermal Print is what you need. This app is available for iPhone and Android and gives you the ability to print anything to Bluetooth thermal receipt printers. This app works with both 52mm or 80mm receipt paper. It is the best way to make the most accurate receipt replicas possible.

ExpressExpense News

Receipt maker free!

ExpressExpense has been the top free receipt maker for over 8 years. Yes, that’s right! For eight years, our online receipt maker has allowed people from around the globe to create receipts for free from the comfort of their home or office.

We’ve been able to offer our receipt maker free to everyone because we believe that a free tool is a gateway tool. Giving away several free receipt templates allows our users to “try before they buy.” Not only that, it allows us to spread the word about our free receipt maker more easily. Bloggers and ping-backs love to write articles about free online tools and resources. So by offering our receipt maker for free, we’ve been able to generate a lot of publicity about our service.

ExpressExpense actually started out completely free. The very first receipt was a free taxi receipt template. After a few months, we noticed that people were using this template quiet often and we started receiving requests for other templates. We heard: “Hey, how about a restaurant receipt?” or “Is it possible to make that receipt with a barcode at the bottom?” We listened. We modified our system to support our customers and we always provided a free receipt template option for our customers.

Yep.. Our app is a receipt maker free!

Now we’re at a point in internet history where we actually are giving away our tool completely free to iOS and Android users. That’s right! We’ve decided to give our tool away for FREE to all new iOS and Android users. All you have to do is download the app from the app store and choose the “3 Day Free Trial” option. You get full access to our website and our mobile app for 3 days for FREE. If you like our receipt maker, then you can choose to keep the app after the 3 day trial period. Otherwise, you can simply remove the app and the FREE trail is over.

Use our free receipt maker app to make a Venmo receipt or a receipt for a rent payment. It is super intuitive and also integrates to Bluetooth Thermal Printers using our Express Thermal Print app.

Receipt Maker News, Receipt Maker News

New Receipt Template Added

We continue to add new receipt templates to ExpressExpense Receipt Maker on a regular basis. This week, we’ve added a few more receipts to the receipt template inventory. Let’s take a look at what is new!

Improved Receipt Fonts

Steve Jobs was notorious for obsessing over details. As the story goes, Steve famously audited a calligraphy class at Reed College (Portland, OR). A Trappist monk named Robert Palladino was teaching this class. Steve didn’t realize this class would have any application in his life. However, he later attributed the beauty of his Apple operating system to this particular class.

We also believe the details matter. More importantly, the typography matters when you are making professional-quality receipts. We took the time to design several new fonts that create the most accurate and crisp images possible. These receipt fonts were developed by dissecting receipts from many popular retail stores and building the fonts from scratch. The results is 4 new receipt fonts that perfectly match the fonts used at POS systems at stores such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot.

Big Box Store Receipt receipt
We have improved our fonts to perfectly match POS thermal printers.

Airport Parking Receipt Template

Airport Parking Receipt

This new Airport Parking Receipt template gives travelers one more option for submitting expense reports on time. The receipt requires an Entry Time and Exit Time to be provided to establish the total length of parking time. The total parking time is calculated by the receipt maker system and is displayed as the Duration field. This parking receipt displays the parking duration as a total of days, hours and minutes. The transaction and ticket numbers are both automatically generated on this receipt. The total parking cost is easy to enter for this receipt since it is only a single field.

This parking receipt template could be used for any type of parking. It happens to be titled “Airport Parking Receipt” because it was modeled after a Laguardia Airport parking service. Feel free to use it for event parking, downtown parking, valet parking or anything else!

Restaurant Bar Receipt

Restaurant Bar Receipt

We know our users would like more restaurant receipts to use for their businesses. We decided to add more receipts that have the write-in TIP and TOTAL areas defined. This receipt is clean and simple and was designed to match a very common POS system’s receipt output. The default receipt font is a custom thermal font that was newly created for this particular receipt template. This receipt has itemized products shown on the receipt and displays the Amount in a larger font size. This Amount is a total of the Sub-total and TAX. Remember, if you use this receipt, you are typically suppose to pay TIP on the Sub-Total (before tax) only! The user of this receipt would then write-in his own calculation of tip and the add the Sub-Total to the Tip to get the final total. Finally, the receipt has a SIGNATURE line at the bottom for the customer’s authorizing signature.

Always improving to create the Best Receipt Maker in the World

We continue to adapt our receipt maker tool to make it truly a great product and value. Our customers deserve the most reliable, professional and secure tool for making receipts. We listen closely to our customer’s feedback and have quarterly customer-focused feedback sessions to focus on differentiating our receipt maker from the competition. As usual, please feel free to Contact Us using the contact form.

How To Make Receipts, How To Make Receipts, How To Make Receipts

How to make a fake Walmart receipt?

Making a receipt for Walmart purchases is easy using an online receipt maker like ExpressExpense. Follow these 5 steps to create a Walmart receipt:

  1. First, choose the Walmart receipt template from the library of receipt templates.
  2. Next, enter the store information and purchase information into the receipt generator input screen. Add itemized items to the receipt using the tool.
  3. Add a Walmart logo to the receipt like this one: Walmart Receipt Logo
  4. Finally, Click “Make Receipt” and view the generated Walmart receipt. Download or email the receipt to your device.

The Walmart receipt template has been carefully designed to match Walmart receipts. The receipt font used in this template is an exact replica of the thermal printer used at Walmart stores.

Anatomy of a Walmart receipt

The receipt header information on Walmart receipts varies from store to store. Some Walmart stores choose to put the physical address of the store on the receipt while others only list the store manager name and the phone number.

ST# is Walmart store number. OP# is the cashier number ( aka: operator number ). TE# is the register number. TR# is a transaction number for that register.

The barcode is the TC# number. When you return an item in the store, a Walmart employee will scan this barcode.

The Store Number (ST#), OP#, TE#, TR# values are all randomly generated when the receipt is created.

The items on the Walmart receipt are listed in the order they are scanned at time of purchase. To the right of the the item price, you may see a letter -N, X, O or T – that denotes the type of taxing the item received.

  • N = Nontaxable item
  • X = Taxable item
  • O = Sale item (nontaxable)
  • T = Sale item (taxable)
  • H = HSA (Health Spending Account) eligible item
  • F = Food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
  • K = Cashier manually keyed enter (did not scan properly)

The QR code is a new element on the Walmart receipt. This QR code is an encoded URL for looking up your receipt online. It was also utilized for collecting rewards using the Walmart App‘s Savings Catcher feature. Walmart discontinued this feature in May of 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Walmart Receipt Generator to create your own Walmart receipt.

ExpressExpense News

How ExpressExpense Started

People occasionally ask me, “How did you think of making ExpressExpense?”  Although I’ve told this story a hundred times, I don’t think it has ever made it’s way to the internet.  So here goes!

It was 2014.  I was working in corporate America and traveling a few times every month.  This meant I had expense reports due monthly which always seemed to be overdue.

It was mid-February and I was just wrapping up a trip to Las Vegas and had another back-to-back trip scheduled the following week for Nashville, TN.   My expense report for the previous Vegas trip had been submitted but came back rejected due to a missing receipt.  The second time, I tried submitting a hand-written note that said, “Hotel Restaurant – Business – $67.11”.  Rejected again.  The third time around, I copied my credit card bill and circled the charge and then wrote under it, “Travel Meal – under $75.”   Upon the third rejection from the finance team, I finally was approached by my manager.  “We’re going to have to do something about your expense reports” he calmly said.  I’m thinking, “oh man, he’s going to cut my travel and ground me.”

“Finance says you can’t just send a copy of your credit card statement and circle the missing receipt.  They need you to submit a receipt” said my boss.

“I don’t care how you get a receipt.  Just make sure you attach something that matches the charge on your card and this will go away” he said and lifted his eyebrows and smiled when he said “something.”

Stuck in an Endless Loop

I quickly surveyed the internet and found the Fake Receipt Maker  and Custom Receipt Maker sites that still stands today.  This was okay, but I wanted more flexibility and formats to be supported.  The Custom Receipt Maker tool only had very basic receipt input and the final product looked, well, really fake.

Two days later I had built a super simple prototype of ExpressExpense in PHP and mySQL and had it running on GoDaddy.  The design was fairly crude, but the interface was extremely similar to the same one shown today.  The input fields were on the left and the generated receipt on the right of the page.  I showed a few friends who laughed and were amused by the idea.  A friend of mine who was a sales rep showed more interested and gave me the idea of naming it “Expense Express” – which was already a taken domain name.  Within minutes, I swapped the words around to make ExpressExpense and registered the domain name for $10.  

The prototype website started getting some traffic and slowly it became clear this was a “thing.”  As traffic grew, I eventually added another template.  About 3 months later, a 3rd template was added.  At some point within the first year of launching the site, I decided – just for fun – to charge for purchasing receipts.  Initially, Paypal was used but was a complete pain-in-the-ass to manage the payments and refunds.  Eventually, Stripe was utilized to collect the $1.99 per receipt payment.  Some quick Excel models showed how much was being lost in the transaction fee by charging only $1.99 per receipt.  A “membership” plan was born and cost $5.99 per year – which easily would dilute the $.30 per transaction cost.  This pricing continued for around a year and then many websites were using a monthly membership pricing program.  We switched to monthly pricing ($4.99 a month) and purchases actually continued to increase!    More templates were added over time and around 2014 we had 20 receipt templates online.


Make a Receipt Now

Looking to make icons for your website or mobile app? Try – a FREE icon maker tool that allows you to create beautiful icons in a few minutes without Photoshop or a graphic designer.

How do I get a receipt for Lyft Ride?

If you need a copy of your receipt for a ride taken with Lyft, there are a few options.  The first and most obvious option is to visit the Lyft app and find your Lyft ride receipt via the app.

To find your Lyft ride receipt in the Lyft app, visit the Ride History page.  From the Lyft Ride History Page, you’ll see a list of all Lyft Rides.  Choosing a Ride from this list will display the receipt for that particular Lyft ride.


Lyft also sends email receipts for each Lyft ride you take.  These are in a slightly different format that the app Lyft ride receipts.


If you can’t access your Lyft app to retrieve a Lyft ride receipt and you have deleted your emails from Lyft or somehow blocked those emails from your inbox – there is a final solution.

You can create a Lyft ride receipt using ExpressExpense receipt maker.  Simply SEARCH using the search bar at the top of the screen for “Lyft” and you’ll see the Lyft ride receipt template displayed in the search results.  You can customize the Lyft receipt template with the time of pick-up, time of drop-off, starting location, ending location, cost of ride and payment method.  The system will then attempt to map the locations you have provided using Google Maps and then a Lyft receipt is generated.  Easy!

Receipt template for Lyft receipt



You might also utilized ExpressExpense for receipts you need for Lyft expenses.  If you have a passenger (PAX) vomit in your vehicle, you need to submit a receipt for the cost of cleaning.  Finding a professional service to clean vomit out of your vehicle at 11:45PM at night is not feasible.  You likely need to clean this throw-up yourself and then send the bill for your time to Lyft for reimbursement.  In this case you need to make a receipt for a cleaning service (that’s you!) and be sure to itemize the cost of Special Cleaning for this disgusting mess.  Most Lyft or Uber drivers simply have to do this type of clean-up themselves and charge back the cost of cleaning to Lyft.

You must have a receipt for this cleaning for Uber or Lyft to reimburse you for cleaning fees.

Using ExpressExpense receipt creator – you can make a cleaning receipt for the vehicle cleaning.  Here is a sample made with the Cleaning Receipt Template.

How To Make Receipts

How do I get a receipt for Apple Pay Cash?

So you’ve sent some money using Apple Pay Cash and need a receipt?   Apple Pay Cash is a fantastic payment system that allows you to send money to friends, family, co-workers or anyone (gardener, house cleaner…etc).  This fluid transfer of funds is great – but you might need to create a receipt for this transaction.  Perhaps you need a receipt for tax purposes?  Or your tenant paid you this month’s rent via Apply Pay Cash and needs a receipt.

Thankfully, you can easily create a receipt for Apply Pay Cash using ExpressExpense.  The website ( allows you to quickly choose a receipt style and then enter cost/value and any other details (business name, time, date..etc) you require.

You can also download the ExpressExpense app for iOS or Android and instantly create receipts for Apple Pay Cash purchases.


The next time you send or receive money using Apple Pay Cash and require a receipt – use ExpressExpense.  It is the easiest way to create professional receipts that match your Apple Pay Cash transaction.

How to Make a Receipt Using ExpressExpense Receipt Maker

Making receipts with ExpressExpense is as easy as typing in the receipt information into the receipt template and clicking make receipts. the system does the rest and creates beautiful professional, high-quality receipts for personal or business use.  it’s never been easier to create professional-looking receipts with your computer. ExpressExpense also has an iPhone and Android app that will allow you to create receipts from the palm of your hand. these apps are free in the App Store and work with Express Thermal Print app to print receipts directly to real receipt paper using Bluetooth thermal printers. 

To make your first receipt simply visit ExpressExpense and choose a receipt template from the homepage. There are many different kinds of receipts to choose from including restaurant receipts, Cafe receipt, service receipt, repair receipts, hotel receipts, credit card receipts, lunch receipts, dinner receipts, rent receipts, cash receipts, and the list goes on and on. Pay attention because some of the receipts are itemized and allow you to enter  details of each item that was purchased. Other receipts are able to be customized with logos or Graphics. You just need to upload an image and you can have it appear on your receipts. Noticed that receipt logos are converted to a bitmap black and white format to look like what would be printed on a real receipt.

Entering Receipt Basics – Business Information

Once you have chosen the receipt style you’d like to use you’ll be prompted to enter the receipt details. Each receipt has a default font already defined. You can change this font easily from the drop-down menu of fonts. next, enter the date and Time using the drop-down selection tools.  if you need to use a 24 hour clock you can do so by clicking the a.m. / p.m. indicator and setting it to blank. Next enter the business name in the field provided. You might have to abbreviate the business slightly because it only is able to display about 40-55 characters due to the narrow width of receipts.   now enter the business address you would like to have a pier on the customer receipt followed by the city and state as well as the ZIP code. Note that you can use any of the field inputs to display text on the receipt. For instance you could Utilize the address field for a website address instead of a physical address. It is entirely up to you to customize the receipt to make it exactly as you you would like to see.  The next field you’ll see is the currency selection drop down. Express extensive supports many many currencies from around the world. Choose the one that matches the currency your receipt requires. Next to the currency selection is the taxDrop down selector and tax rate input field. Receive can have one or two taxes added to the grand total. You’ll notice you can remove the tax from being added by selecting the none in the tax drop down. You can also choose from other options such as VAT , sales tax, service, tips or other International tax options from the tax drop down. You can then enter the actual tax percentage in the next column and the system will calculate the tax cost based on this percentage. Simply enter 5.5 to have the system calculate a tax of 5.5% of the subtotal.  If you would like to add a additional tax item press the green plus icon next to the tax fields.

Receipt Payment and Custom Text Fields

The next field available for input on the receipt generator is the payment field. This can be utilized to enter details about the type of payment –  such as “card swipe” or “chip card” or “card present” or “Visa ending in 3922” or “CASH”. we also have a Euro decimal separator option that is available to change the  decimal separator from a period “.” to a comma “,”.

For itemized receipts you’ll see three Fields provided to  input details of items purchased. QTY is used to represent the number of items purchased. Item name is used for the description of the item on the receipt.  Finally, “price” is used to show the cost of each item. Please note that the system will calculate the total cost by multiplying the (quantity X price) of each item.

Uploading Custom Logo to Receipt Template

Many of the receipts available on ExpressExpense have the ability to have a logo uploaded and place on the generated receipt.   this image should be a clear and simple logo or icon without Too Many Colors. PNG, JPEG and GIF File formats are all accepted. After uploading the image,  you can crop the image using the image cropping tool which is built into the ExpressExpense receipt system. The image will be converted to a black-and-white format in order to most authentically represent what a generated thermal receipt would look like. If you are having trouble with your image appearing on the receipt, consider converting your image to black-and-white before uploading the image to the receipt maker.

How to Make a Receipt – Success Story

Make A Receipt

We recently assisted a customer who needed a receipt to prove they were the original owner of a product.  This customer was the original owner, however, they had not kept the original receipt. The original receipt was required for a major warranty issue.  The alternative was purchasing a new product – which has a price tag of over $1200 USD. The receipt needed to show that the purchase was made from an authorized retailer to allow the manufacturer to begin processing a warranty claim.

Unfortunately, the company that sold this customer the product was no longer in business.  It seems the massive internet retailers had put this small shop out of business shortly after the original purchase.  The customer was therefore unable to request that the store could re-print a copy of the original receipt.


This customer decided it was worth making a receipt as authentic to the original receipt as possible to insure that the manufacturer would honor the warranty claim and replace the failed component.  The customer identified several receipt templates within the ExpressExpense receipt template inventory that might closely match the original retailer’s receipt. In this case, he determined the “Custom Logo Receipt 4” receipt template most closely resembled the original receipt.  


The customer then used his credit card company’s website to find the date, time and amount of the original purchase.  In this case, the original purchase price was $4289.95. The customer recalled that the main item was approximately 90% of this purchase total on the receipt and the other 10% of the purchase price were a few additional accessories.  



Using the receipt template on ExpressExpense called the “Custom Logo Receipt 4” – the customer filled out the receipt fields carefully.  Date and time of purchase, store name, store address, city, state, zip and phone were all entered into the receipt template to match the original location and time of purchase.  The receipt template was then completed by adding details of each item purchased under the “Itemized Items” section of the online receipt maker. Quantity, item description and item price were all included to complete the template inputs.  Sales tax was calculated and entered into the receipt template by referencing Avalara’s tax rate look-up tool (  



Once the receipt template form was completed, the customer adjusted the font typeface within the receipt maker tool and generated the customized receipt by clicking “Make Receipt.”  The customer was also able to locate the (now permanently closed) store logo using and Google Image search. This logo was uploaded to ExpressExpense and cropped to fit the receipt perfectly.


This customer took the additional step of printing the receipt to a thermal printer.   Hopefully, this would guarantee this receipt would be accepted by the manufacturer. A bluetooth mobile printer was purchased for approximately $55 (remember, this is a $1200 warranty claim!) from and then downloaded free app called Express Thermal Print (by ExpressExpense) from the app store.  Within a few minutes of installing the app, the receipt was printed to 80mm thermal receipt paper.


Since this original receipt was dated over 2 years ago, the customer decided to rapidly age the receipt to match what a 2 year old receipt would actually look like.  The receipt was folded in half and lightly crumpled to reduce the crispy “brand new” appearance of the receipt. To age the receipt even further, the receipt was left in a window with direct sun for 1 day.  This exposed the photo-senstive thermal paper to UV rays and caused the receipt paper to slightly discolor. This method of UV exposure is a very effective way to accelerate the aging of thermal printed receipts.

A few tips from this success story:

  • Sometimes it is necessary to create a receipt when you do not have the original receipt.
  • ExpressExpense’s receipt templates create authentic-looking receipts
  • Cross-reference credit card or bank statements for original purchase price
  • Consider adding any additional items to the receipt (ie: accessories)
  • Identify the sales tax for the location using Avalara’s taxrate lookup tool
  • Printing a receipt to a thermal receipt printer will provide the highest quality final product

Make A Receipt

Receipt Making Tips

How To Print Receipts to Zebra Thermal Printer

Receipts made using ExpressExpense can easily be printed using a thermal printer.  There are many brands of thermal printers out there: Zebra, Epson, Rollo,  Star, Dymo – to name a few.   The important factor is the printer must be able to print JPG or PDF images.

Zebra brand thermal printers support printing JPGs directly to their devices.  For the purpose of this article, we will use the Zebra iMZ320 – a beautifully designed mobile thermal printer that connects to iOS or Android via bluetooth.  You can also use any of the iMZ, QLN or ZQ Series printers from Zebra.

You’ll need the ExpressExpense app (available on iOS or Android) and the Zebra Utilities (iOS / Android)  app to get started.

First create your receipt using ExpressExpense and save the receipt.  On Android, save to your Downloads location – as this is where the Zebra app looks for images to print.  For iOS users, you need to copy the image to the Zebra Utilities app using iTunes.  Connect your iPhone, open iTunes and then locate

Next, open the Zebra Utilities app and connect to your Bluetooth printer.  Open the “Files” option from the Zebra app and find your receipt image in the “Images” folder.

If your receipt doesn’t match the image – change the printing setting from within the Zebra Utilities app.   Setting Page Options to “Custom” and then choosing Page Width = 3 and Page Height = 6 will usually yield a properly scaled quality receipt.

This thermal printer also does a great job and is very affordable ($60 – $65).

Thermal Receipt POS Small Printer 80mm Bluetooth Printer Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows System ESC/POS Print Commands Set for Office and Small Business