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How To Print Receipts to Zebra Thermal Printer

Receipts made using ExpressExpense can easily be printed using a thermal printer.  There are many brands of thermal printers out there: Zebra, Epson, Rollo,  Star, Dymo – to name a few.   The important factor is the printer must be able to print JPG or PDF images.

Zebra brand thermal printers support printing JPGs directly to their devices.  For the purpose of this article, we will use the Zebra iMZ320 – a beautifully designed mobile thermal printer that connects to iOS or Android via bluetooth.  You can also use any of the iMZ, QLN or ZQ Series printers from Zebra.

You’ll need the ExpressExpense app (available on iOS or Android) and the Zebra Utilities (iOS / Android)  app to get started.



First create your receipt using ExpressExpense and save the receipt.  On Android, save to your Downloads location – as this is where the Zebra app looks for images to print.  For iOS users, you need to copy the image to the Zebra Utilities app using iTunes.  Connect your iPhone, open iTunes and then locate

Next, open the Zebra Utilities app and connect to your Bluetooth printer.  Open the “Files” option from the Zebra app and find your receipt image in the “Images” folder.

If your receipt doesn’t match the image – change the printing setting from within the Zebra Utilities app.   Setting Page Options to “Custom” and then choosing Page Width = 3 and Page Height = 6 will usually yield a properly scaled quality receipt.



This thermal printer also does a great job and is very affordable ($60 – $65).

Thermal Receipt POS Small Printer 80mm Bluetooth Printer Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows System ESC/POS Print Commands Set for Office and Small Business


How to get a receipt for Venmo payment?

Need a receipt for a Venmo payment?  Venmo only offers very basic records of your payments.  If you need a receipt for goods or services and were paid with Venmo – you are likely searching for an easier solution for creating a receipt for your transaction.   We have a solution to the situation:  ExpressExpense Receipt Maker.

Image result for venmo payment screenshot

If you received or sent a payment with Venmo and need a receipt – ExpressExpense is an easy way to create a receipt.



ExpressExpense allows you to create receipts for anything.  Once you’ve created a receipt, you can easily share the receipt via email or SMS.

ExpressExpense Receipt Maker offers many receipt templates.  Receipts can be itemized, include logos, have specific tax-rates and currencies.

If you pay your housekeeper $100 a week using Venmo (or other payment services) and need a receipt for tax purposes…make a receipt!

If you are running lemonade stand and need to provide customers with accurate receipts for Venmo payments of $1 per lemonade…make a receipt using ExpressExpense!

If you are a trades persons (electrician, carpenter, etc) and you provide your services or supplies to a client or general contractor – make a receipt!



ExpressExpense allows you to make your own receipts fast!

Internet commerce has become the new norm and businesses that lack a physical space are increasingly successful. But what happens as and when you need to issue a receipt or invoice for the sale of your products or services? To meet this need emerged ExpressExpense (, an online receipt creator for businesses and individuals.

ExpressExpense was born to make life easier for online businesses and individuals who offer their services online independently. Your receipt maker serves to replace receipts that you have lost or create new receipts for your products or services. It was originally available only in English, but now, looking to expand its reach, it opened to Spanish-speaking countries.

In fact, it is already available in Latin America and the rest of the countries in the region. With this tool, small businesses will be able to deliver receipts to their customers and others can replace the ones they have lost in case they need them on their tax return. In addition, the ExpressExpense website is optimized for mobile devices, so you can create your receipts from your phone and receive them in your email without problems.

How does ExpressExpense work?

Creating a receipt on this platform is very simple. You just have to choose from the many available templates, customize the receipt and download it to print it or send it online. Once you have your receipt ready you just have to click on “Buy receipt” and then you must cancel it with your credit card.

ExpressExpense is ideal for those who want to invoice easily and each receipt has a very small cost. In addition, you can opt for a membership for one year and cancel a single rate that will allow you to print how many receipts your business needs.

Your receipts can be from restaurants, taxi service, coffee shops, parking lots, for cash transactions or any other purpose. In case you have an online store or offer services as a freelancer, being able to deliver a receipt to your clients will make you look more professional. ExpressExpense receipts can be issued in the most important currencies such as dollars, euros or pounds among others.


Did you lose an important receipt? ExpressExpense has the solution

There is nothing to be ashamed of, we have all lost an important receipt. You may need it for your tax return. Or that you have to provide a list of your expenses on a work trip. To solve these small crises, Express Expense arrived.

The versatility of our service is unparalleled. Little by little we are adding new models of receipt for any situation.

Never again will you worry about losing an important receipt, whether it’s a restaurant bill, a parking ticket, a gas bill or a taxi. ExpressExpense allows you to create receipts for anything. In addition, you can not only replace the ones you’ve lost, but also create a new one to impress your friends.

In the event that you work for your own account, ExpressExpense will allow you to issue receipts for your products or services for your clients, at a very low cost per receipt.

How to use ExpressExpense?

Using this service is very simple. First you must select one of the available receipt templates. Then, you simply fill in the details of each field of the same and click “Make Receipt.” Then, your ready receipt will appear on the screen and you can make all the adjustments you consider necessary. Then click on “Buy Receipt” once you are ready.

The receipts can be purchased only with a valid credit card. Once you do it, it will appear without your watermark and you can download it or send it by email. And that’s it, it’s that easy, you already have your important return receipt or a new one for your clients. Our service offers you the possibility to buy the receipts individually, or in the case that you need receipts frequently, register for a year and do as many as you want.

What are you waiting for? Visit ExpressExpense and start creating your own receipts quickly and easily.

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Going Global: Internationalizing our Website

We’ve recently launched a new multilingual version of our website to allow users from across the globe to access our tools.

We now support Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified).  Receipts can be made in any of these languages.  Our website has been internationalized to support users who want to use our website in these languages and create receipts in these languages.

Receipts now have several new features that are configurable from the receipt creation interface.  Tax types are now supported:  VAT, SALES TAX, SERVICE and no Tax.  There is also the option to change your Currency of your receipt to one of the following:  US Dollar, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Singapore Dollar, India Rupee.  We also provide the ability to change the currency separator from a US-style period to a EURO-style comma.  Very helpful for the rest of the world trying to make receipts in their own language and format!

Our international strategy includes adding other languages (Japanese?  Russian?)  to enable additional users from all over the world to utilize our services.  Please let us know if you have a specific need or recommendation for a language you would like us to support.

In addition, we’d like to hear your feedback on the translated versions of our website.  We’re not native speakers of French, Chinese, Spanish or Hindi – so please let us know if there are any issues with the translated version of our site!


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How to resize receipt images to suit your needs.

We get many inquiries from our users on how to resize their custom receipts after they have created them with our tool.  Our receipts are generated at high resolution and larger than actual size in order to allow you to print and scale accordingly.  Let’s look at two ways to resize these receipt images.

Scaling the Receipt using Microsoft Word (or Google Docs)

First, open a blank Word document.  Next click “Insert” and choose Photo and the “Picture from File.”  Then pick the receipt .JPG image  you received.


Next click the image of the receipt on screen and then grab one of the corners to scale the image accordingly.  Your custom receipt can be sized this way as large or as small as you would like.


Once you’ve resized the custom receipt, you are ready to print your receipt.  Here, we’ve scaled the image approximately 30% smaller than the original.



Scaling the Image using Printing Options

The 2nd option for scaling an image is to simply use the “Scale” feature within the printing dialog.  Printers and printer drivers vary – but most printers offer the ability to scale the image upon printing. In this case, we are printing the image from the “Image Viewer” or “Preview” application on your computer.

Simply select “Scale” from the print dialog window and adjust the size to adjust the size of the image on the page.




A few additional tips for making your receipt look good on paper:

  • It sometimes requires resizing and printing the image to determine if it is a good size for your receipt purposes.
  • Remember, a larger receipt is going to be easier to read if you need to scan or fax your receipt output for use in your expense report or tax reimbursement.
  • Many companies now are sending digital receipts to customers via email.  These receipts are meant to be larger because they are digital receipts that were not intended for printing.
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ExpressExpense’s Massive Receipt Database

We’ve scoured the internet and created an archive of receipts from all around the world.

ExpressExpense Receipt Archive

These receipts come from image crawling of millions of websites.  They include recent digital receipts and very old historic receipts.  We hope to also begin our own collection system for receipts that allows our users to upload their own receipts in hope of archiving them online for others to see and learn from.  We’re not just the largest receipt maker in the world – we’re also the largest internet archive of receipts!

To use the archive, simply click on the link ExpressExpense Receipt Archive and you will be able to flip through the thousands of receipts using your browser.  We’ve attempted to collect a very large variety of styles, formats and layouts in our archive.

There are a wide variety of receipt types represented in our database.  The interface is simple to use to find receipts you would like to view.  You can move through the pages and pages of receipts using the NEXT and PREV buttons on the screen.  To enlarge a receipt for easier viewing, simply click on the receipt image and it will appear larger on screen.  To download a receipt, simply right click the image on screen and select “Save Image” from the browser dialog window.

Over time, we hope to continue to grow our receipt database to include receipts from every major retailer and company in the world.  If you have a digital stash of receipts you would like to contribute to our receipt archive, please contact us using the CONTACT link.



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How Does ExpressExpense Work?


Did you lose a receipt and want to replace it? Do you want to create a new receipt to show off to your friends and family? Are you a business owner who needs a receipt for your goods or services? Do you want a fake receipt for $6000 in hotdog? If yes, then consider It is a receipt generator website allows you to create receipts for any purpose at a small cost. It is a service that will allow you replace what you lost or get a new receipt for business or pleasure. If you require receipts regularly, then you can take advantage of the websites one-time fee for a 12-month unlimited access. If it’s a one time or once in a while requirement, then you just have to pay the small cost every time you need a receipt.

How it works is an easy to use receipt generator. All the steps you need to get a receipt are outlined for you at the homepage of the website. So first, you will fill out the receipt details and then click on the ‘Make receipt’ icon. The receipt will appear on the screen for preview. If you don’t like, you can always make adjustments. After you are satisfied, click on ‘Buy receipt.’ You will be directed to make your payment via PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin. After payment, the ‘purchase to remove’ watermark will disappear, and you can now download your receipt.

Why use

Wide selection of receipts offers a wide range of receipt designs to choose from. It will not only save the day but allow you to choose the exact receipt that you want. And you get to make the adjustment yourself until you are satisfied. Payment is done after you are okay with the design. Some of the design styles you will get at this receipt maker website include

  • Common receipt which is a standard sales receipt
  • Itemized receipt which allows you to add individual items
  • Itemized barcode, good choice if you want something for meals
  • Custom logo receipt: this allows you to upload your custom logo
  • Taxi receipt
  • Simple receipt on a wrinkled paper
  • Parking receipt for garages, parking lots
  • Special receipt- Basically a Point- to- Point uber style receipt
  • Restaurant receipts for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants
  • Gas receipt for fuel
  • Generic receipt for any transaction
  • Computer repair receipt for repair services / repair with location map
  • Map receipts: It includes map of business location
  • Modern gas receipt
  • Large custom logo receipt

The international receipts that you create will be supported by a currency of your choice. Available options include Dollars, Euros and British Sterling. You can make receipts for Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, France. For gas receipts, you will have an option of either liters or gallons.

Download resizable receipts

When you purchase your receipt, you will receive it in .JPG format. The original measurement is 300 by 600 pixels. You can scale it to a size of your choice.


Many people shy away from shopping online for fear of personal information leaking to other parties. ExpenseExpense does not share your information with 3rd parties. The credit card or PayPal information is not stored on their server. It is a receipt generator website that will not get your email clogged with spam messages or your financial details compromised.

Save time

Instead of spending lots of time retracing your steps, you can easily purchase a receipt and save time. Even if you search thoroughly, you might not get the receipt at the end of it all. For business owners, you can quickly get receipts for your consumers and keep the business going. Don’t keep the customers waiting as this may give your business a bad reputation. At your receipt will be available for download as soon as you have purchased it.

Create customized receipts

This is a good feature especially for business people who want to create receipts for the customers. You can create with your custom logo. This gives you something more personal, which can act as an advertising tool for your business.




ExpressExpense News

New International Currencies Added

Based on member feedback, we’ve added three additional currencies to our receipt template offerings.  Simple use the currency dropdown selector to choose your currency and you can create a receipt with the international currency of your choice.

  • DHS -United Arab Emirates currency – Emirati Dirham  (aka. AED) (rate)
  • Rs – India’s currency – Indian Rupee (rate)
  • SG – Singapore’s currency – Singapore Dollar  (rate)

This adds to the existing currencies already available:

  • USD – United States Dollar
  • GBP – Great British Pound
  • EUR – European Union Euro

We also provide the option of “None” to remove the currency symbol on any receipt you create.  This generates a receipt with numeric-only data and allows for the receipt to represent virtually any international receipt.

Need a receipt in another international currency?  Please send us a comment and let us know what you need.  We’re always looking to improve the Best Receipt Maker in the World!