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Receipt Template for Restaurant Receipts

A restaurant receipt is a valuable tool for tracking information about a customer’s visit to your place and in the hands of customers themselves. Receipts can be helpful when you need to return or exchange an item, or even when you want to remember the details of a meal you enjoyed at a certain restaurant. Using the ExpressExpense template for restaurant receipts will help you keep track of all the information that matters, including tax and tips, so you don’t have to try to memorize it all. You’ll also find some great features for recalling special requests made by your customers and creating reference links for each receipt. The receipt generator is also an amazing way to make more money and save more energy. The more information that is on the receipt, the easier it is for customers to use their receipts and exchanges correctly. That increases your chances of repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing, which are both excellent for your bottom line. 

Receipts are a must, especially when you’re running a restaurant. What is the need to have a receipt template for restaurant receipts? There are many reasons behind it. 

TIP: Make sure you get their email address so you can send them receipts or marketing offers in the future.

Keeping track of all payments and knowing how much you make each day, week, and month is essential. Better bookkeeping will help you manage your expenses and plan your budget for the next period. 

  • It helps customers to know exactly what they paid for. 

With a professional-looking restaurant receipt template, you can choose between different types of receipts depending on your business needs. You can email it to your customer. It makes it easier to understand their bills and also helps them keep track of their spending habits. 

  • Lastly, if the customer wishes for any changes, he can simply make them on his bill before paying, which makes things more convenient for him and lighten up for you as well. 

A template is a digital document containing an empty form that you can fill in with your details. A restaurant receipt template is utilized to create a restaurant receipt that can be emailed, downloaded, and given to customers who have paid for their meal. There is also an option to print it. For a standard itemized restaurant receipt, it contains all the details that are usually required on a receipt: 

  • business name
  • business address
  • Business contact number
  • date of purchase.
  • time of sales transaction
  • name of server 
  • Item number, name, and price
  • The mode of payment 
  • Subtotal
  • Tax (if any) 
  • Total 
  • A “Thank you” message at the bottom of the receipt

For other receipt templates, you may customize them according to your preferences. You may add additional details, such as tips, marketing promotions, social media pages, a web page, or a barcode, at the bottom of the receipt. You can even add a logo to raise brand awareness for your company, and it’s easier for your customers to remember.

You may visit the FAQs page for further details.

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Receipt Template for Pharmacy and Drugstore Receipt

A receipt is one of the most crucial documents maintained by business houses. Pharmacy or drugstore transactions are recorded here, including purchases and sales between parties. They form the proof that sums up the terms and conditions mentioned in a purchase or sales agreement signed between businesses. Making them useful in legal cases too. By using digital receipt templates, you can make the task of making pharmacy receipts less tedious, thereby leaving more time for business expansion. Most companies need to improve their customer satisfaction rate to be able to gain new customers.

Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt and Drugstore Receipt can be generated using an online receipt generator. It is a system used to keep track of the sales made in a pharmacy. Significantly, the pharmacy has a way of keeping track of all their sales information and being able to give out correct information to customers who ask for it, such as the price of a certain medicine, how much it costs, or any discounts associated with it, and so on.

The main purpose of having an Online Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt is to make sure all the information regarding sales is recorded and stored properly so that salespeople will not have to worry about filling out paperwork every time they sell a product. Nowadays, most stores use computers to keep track of their income and expenses. Online Receipt Template for Pharmacy Receipt has several important fields that need to be filled out so you can get accurate results. For example, you will be able to record the name of the item sold or any other details that might be requested by your customer. This can also include the price and total amount paid by the customer. Using this information will help you have an organized business so you can keep track of everything related to your store’s income and expenses.

Below you will find an organized and detailed sample of pharmacy and drugstore receipts which includes generic and professional templates. From this example, you can see that the pharmacy receipt conforms to the bylaws of both establishment and state laws. By conforming to the laws, you ensure that your record-keeping practices comply when it comes time to provide documentation for filing taxes or any legal matters.

For generic receipt or template:

For professional-quality customized receipts or templates

The online pharmacy receipt is an essential part of the pharmacy services. GET STARTED TODAY for a more convenient way of making receipts.

E-receipts: Designed for Small Businesses and E-Commerce

The use of e-receipts has increased in recent years with the rise of new technologies, and the invention of electronic receipts has been a blessing in disguise for small businesses and eCommerce. In addition to cutting costs, electronic receipts have several benefits over paper ones. It is designed for small businesses and e-commerce for many significant reasons including: 

  1. Increased convenience for customers – The use of electronic receipts is increasing because it makes it easier for customers to keep track of their purchases and spending limit.
  2. Increased convenience for business owners – There’s no need to worry about misplaced or damaged paper receipts, or the time spent waiting for customers to mail them back. With an electronic receipt, you can send them instantly via email or text message, thereby avoiding delays in payment and refunds. 
  3. A decrease in fraud – It decreases fraud because there are fewer opportunities to alter the contents of a receipt if it’s an electronic copy. 
  4. Easier administration – It’s much easier to administer electronic receipts than paper receipts because they are all stored in one place online. Recordkeeping is also made simpler, accessible, and convenient.

As a customer:

Receipts are essential for the completion of every transaction. When you buy something, you need to have a receipt. When you travel, there are times it is required that you have a declaration of goods. There are also situations where the receipt is needed for any kind of claims or refunds.

As a business owner, you can easily create receipts with a digital or electronic receipt generator app. This app is designed to help you save time and money by generating receipts quickly and at a low cost. E-receipts can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a mobile device. Apps are available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. They are easy to use and can be customized to suit business needs. For example, e-receipts have the option of adding an order number or name for easy identification. 

On paper receipts management – for some that are not aware yet, e-receipts are not environmentally friendly, they are difficult to store, and they are hard to organize. Electronic receipts help small businesses save on time, storage costs, and materials used. E-receipts also have the capability of being made into promotional material for marketing campaigns that show off your brand. That is why digital receipt management is still more reliable and small and e-commerce businesses should take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition, consider this another significant reason why you need an e-receipts:

All businesses require receipts to provide proof of purchase for taxation or reimbursements. You must make sure that your receipts are complete, readable, undamaged, and there are no missing receipts to avoid any unwanted issues with IRS and if an audit happens.

With electronic receipts, you can raise the bar. You can make all your business processes more efficient and your records more secure. 

Detailed information is available in the ABOUT and FAQ sections. START creating your professionally designed receipts now.

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Businesses Cash Flow Benefits From E-Receipts

Why would anyone pay for paper receipts today? What real advantage do they have over electronic receipts?

We all know that the best way to resolve problems and issues in a business is to find out what went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. Businesses may benefit from the use of a paper receipt to record transactions and provide customers with trustworthy records of their after-sales transactions. Paper receipts are not always what they seem to be. Paper receipts can be a pain, especially for tracking sales during the day and for storing data. Whether you are a business owner, a bookkeeper, or an accountant, you have probably been exposed to the issues of handling physical cash/paper receipts from customers. The key point here is that there are times that it can be an issue for everyone and in most cases, it is caused by three things:

(1) If receipts get faded or lost, there is no easy way to reconcile the data.

(2) In the case of a tax audit, as receipts are considered as supporting documents, they will not be accurate as printed details on thermal paper receipts cannot be stored for a long period. 

(3) As a consequence, companies may experience cash flow problems.

Cash flow is what fuels business. If you are having issues you can use an online receipt maker that will help your business to collect payments faster and improve cash flow. Businesses now have the option of using electronic receipts. Companies that choose this method of payment can save a lot of time and money. 

Businesses that choose to implement electronic receipts for their customers benefit from a variety of approaches. Here are some advantages:

  • Businesses that choose to provide their customers with electronic receipts create an electronic trail of data for their clients such as purchase history.
  • Electronic receipts benefit businesses by providing them with data about their customers’ behavior such as buying habits. When they usually purchase, do they purchase more during special events, sales, or the same behavior during an ordinary day?
  • By being able to view the data, businesses are able to estimate the sales their customers make as well as the amount they spend. 
  • As a result, it helps businesses to gain additional income. 

Paper receipts are an archaic system. The extra work, time, and cost are frustrating businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The only thing they’re keeping up with is frustration. In order to keep cash flowing towards your company’s finances, you must consider increasing the financial efficiency of your business operations.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep a record of each and every purchase made. Paper receipts management can add stress to your business and yes, digital receipt management brings more significance to business accounting, in marketing, to small business owners, and how it affects business in general. Knowing its significance will make your business stronger more than you are expecting it. This is one of the best cash flow management and you should TRY IT TODAY!

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E-Receipts Are the Future for Small Businesses

Electronic receipts are a low-cost, easy way to automate many functions within your business. Are you using electronic receipts in your business? If yes, you deserve a pat on the back.

If not, you should consider it. In today’s marketplace, more than ever, consumers expect more, and merchants must respond – more convenience, more options, faster service. 

Utilizing electronic receipts has two main benefits : 

  1. You can save money; 
  2. Your customers will like it.

Other advantages are:

1. No paper waste

2. No printing expenses

3. Faster inventory updates

4. Less storage space

5. Faster checkout

6. Easier returns

7. Easier accounting

8. Easy to find receipts

9. Easier to archive

10. Easier to find inventory information

11. No lost receipts

12. No stolen receipts

13. Paperless transactions

14. Customer review function

15. Customer history feature

16. Email receipts

17. Customer notification feature

18. Easy sharing feature

19. Miscellaneous features

The traditional receipt was a paper document that a clerk would give to a customer when they bought something. The clerk would write the transaction details by hand, and the customer would keep the paper as a receipt.

Nowadays, most stores issue electronic receipts, which are digital documents. The clerk writes the transaction details into an electronic cash register, and the customer gets an email with the receipt attached. This tool is called a receipt generator. Both receipts are useful.

The paper receipt is a record of the transaction, useful for tax filing or in case of a dispute. The email is a record of the transaction, useful for checking the transaction details later and not having to carry the paper document. However, looking back at the advantages mentioned above, e-receipts are the champ.

As customers increasingly use their mobile devices for shopping, retailers are following the trend. According to a recent study, 97 percent of customers use their smartphones for shopping, and 70 percent have made a purchase using their mobile device. On eCommerce mobile stats, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months.

Mobile apps help retailers capture customer data, create personalized offers and entice customers to keep coming back. Retailers can use digital receipts to personalize offers based on past purchases, reward loyal customers with loyalty points, and link stores together to help consumers find the best deals. Marketing systems find it very useful. That is why ExpressExpense gives you the convenience to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Read why Cash Receipts for Cash Transactions are useful.


When you buy something in a store, you rarely ask for a receipt if it’s usually for a bottle of water. A receipt is probably good for something, but it’s an expense. No, a receipt is an expense such as: 

  1. In your lifetime, you’ve received more than a thousand receipts. Every time you got one, you were either forced to look at it or, if you didn’t want to look at it, you were reminded that you would.
  2. There are probably more receipts in your wallet than there are paper bills. And that’s without counting all the receipts you’ve thrown away.

Receipts serve two purposes. First, they help store information about a purchase. Second, they serve as reminders. Your receipts remind you of what you bought, and that helps you remember to buy what you need next time. Receipts are a nuisance, though, and they take up room. So why do we bother printing them? Digital receipts, which have become common in the last few years, solve both problems. They store information like paper receipts, but they don’t take up room. They remind you of what you bought, and that helps you remember to buy what you need next time.

As a result of electronic receipts, you now get receipts that show the total amount of taxes due, whether you are overpaying or underpaying, and the various forms in which your taxes are paid. It is amazing how much this changes your understanding of how taxes work or how useful receipts are for tax deductions. 

The Significance of Digital Receipt

Receipts are everywhere, from retail stores, gas stations, coffee shops, restaurants, and many more. They may be part of your everyday lives, particularly if you are running a business or an employee in charge of cashiering or receipts management. 

As a business, you have to provide a receipt for all of the sales transactions. They need to be generated every day, but most receipts are just tiny files that make them useless to the customers. They don’t see the value in using them. There are many reasons why receipts are critical, whether the customers requested them or not.

  • Businesses may use a digital receipt generator instead of relying on paper receipts to save money and paper. You only need to produce printed receipts when your customers demand them. As a result, you minimize the wasting of paper and ink.
  • Digital receipts add a new level of convenience and security to every purchase. Creating an online receipt is easy. However, if you’re doing it wrong, your customer may not get the receipt they expect on their phone, which can damage your business reputation. You must have the right tool and make sure it is mobile-friendly.
  • Receipts are mandatory for all sales transactions, but often they get lost or buried within a shoebox of valuable papers. While digital receipts provide a more precise way of tracking business-related purchases and expenses.
  • If you’re opening a brick-and-mortar store or if you already have one, adding online shopping capabilities is a wise move. Online shopping avenues give shoppers the option of browsing your products from afar, thus boosting your store’s visibility. One of the main challenges unique to eCommerce businesses is emailing receipts to individual shoppers after an online purchase. The solution? Digital receipts.
  • One of the common problems that companies face is disordered cash flow. The cash flow registers may have all the required information still it is so inconvenient to retrieve. Over 80% of small businesses do not track their receipts due to lack of time and difficulty locating them. Would it be so much easier if small businesses could digitally manage their receipts from the moment they swipe their card or write a check until transferring funds from one account to another? And it would be great if receipts could be viewed later online as a backup copy.

Digital Receipts is a powerful and innovative new application that is available for iPhone and Android users. A receipt maker app has been created to allow companies to send and receive digital receipts. It is an excellent tool that every company should explore as we move into the next generation of communication. From notification emails to auto-generated reports, receipts are quickly becoming digital and a great option for any business, regardless of size. It is quick, attractive, and practical. 

Digital receipts can be a powerful tool for businesses. It should be a prompt and seamless part of the shopping experience. With a few steps, digital receipts can start being a reality for companies to launch their brand into the future. Lastly, make the most of your marketing efforts by creating a strong digital receipt system. Visit the FAQs page for further details.

Tips on Making Digital Receipts

Every day, and every after-sales transaction, you provide receipts to your customers. It may sound overstated however receipts are proof of purchase of a product or service which can be useful to business and filing taxes. On the other hand, receipts are also one of the most frequently discussed or ignored by an individual whether it is for personal or business matters. As technology takes to progress in the business industry, software tools and mobile apps continue to expand that is why digital receipts were created and utilized.

There are different kinds of receipts, and they come from different formats. It can be a common receipt, itemized receipt, itemized barcode receipt, custom logo receipt, and a lot more. It just depends on what kind of business you’re running or whether it is a large enterprise or SME. Using an online receipt generator you can customize your receipts according to your business demands. Aside from e-marketing messages, you can add more relevant details to your receipts to guide, remind and attract more customers. 

  1. a reminder on return/exchanged items and how many days can be valid, based on the date of the purchase
  2. store hours and days opened
  3. any suitable personalized message (Thank you for shopping! etc.)
  4. logo of the company
  1. enabling barcodes to make return/exchanged items faster and for easy tracking

Customized receipts are an excellent tool to convey significant purchasing information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format so as to keep your customers and employees well-informed.

Typically, for some stores it will display:

  • the purchase date and time 
  • the number of goods purchased and total price
  • the name and location of the business from which the items were purchased
  • transaction/reference/receipt number 
  • any VAT charge 
  • payment method, 
  • the amount paid, and 
  • return policy

For other businesses it will display:

  • The name and address of the company 
  • The name and address of the customer
  • The payment date
  • An official receipt number
  • The amount paid
  • Any VAT charge
  • The payment method (credit card, cash, voucher, coupons, gift certificates)
  • A signature or initials of the employee receiving the payment

As long as the basic components are included, it is valid and may also be used for business reimbursement and tax purposes. 

Creating professional digital receipts for your customers is critical for your brand awareness and building customer relationships. Adding a company logo will help your customers to recognize your brand and remain in front of their minds and that is one of your business objectives.

Furthermore, the impacts of digital receipts will stay longer than the effects of paper receipts because they can check or be seen again when customers log in to their emails. A paper receipt is more likely to be lost inside a wallet, bag, drawer, or misplaced, fades out, discarded, and can no longer have access. It is also environmentally friendly. Sustainability is more than simply a catchphrase but it’s a human act of kindness. It is now more crucial than ever to do your part to protect the environment.

How To Make Receipts, How To Make Receipts, How To Make Receipts

Receipts and Reimbursement

It is critical to define what are the reimbursable expenses that your employees can reimburse. You should set rules and guidelines so as to be fair and transparent and to avoid any forthcoming dilemmas. When your employees pay certain expenses on behalf of your company, they need to spend money coming from their pocket. It is just right to reimburse your employees punctually covered expenses in full. However, this doesn’t mean that employees get to claim reimbursement for every payment they make right away upon verbally reporting. There are particular rules. They need to:

  1. Present receipts
  2. Present invoices
  3. Present other supporting documents that will support the declared payments
  4. It should be business matters, only

 Reimbursable payments are the following:

  • Business travel expense – this is covered both local and abroad travel, such as attending conferences, seminars, and meetings. It can be 2 days or overnight stay in the hotel. Though basically, these are booked prior to your employees’ designated arrival. Circumstances may change and this may be applicable for reimbursement. For travel abroad, you need to consider the travel documentation like a visa, and in some instances, employees need to get vaccinated for the reason that in other countries this is needed. Traveling for business may entail a wide range of activities with corresponding expenses, that is why keeping receipts is crucial to make your employees’ claims legitimate. 
  • Meals and entertainment – employees’ drinks and food on the plane are included in the travel expense same with breakfast in their hotel accommodation. Lunch and dinner of your employees should be covered. If your employee wants to contact the client for a dinner treat as it may bring a positive impact on the business relationship, then it should be a valid expense. As long as it is in the interest of your company, covering the costs is worthwhile. For entertainment, it is justifiable only when the client attended the event. 
  • Transportation costs – as long as it is for work travel purposes, it should be covered. For instance, your employees may pay their travel expenses when commuting by public transport and doing business errands or driving to the office to buy office supplies.
  • Office materials or supplies expenses – this occasionally occurs when your employees mess with productivity levels at work. For example, there is no ink printer available or the keyboard is broken. Giving them the best office equipment is significant for them to produce high-quality work.

The expenses or purchases that are made by the employees should be related to the services to his employer. It is something that an employee needs to do because it is his job and has no personal agenda. Any reimbursable payments should always be reported responsibly to the respective department within a reasonable amount of time.

To make it more convenient on your end, you should make changes to monitor your financial activities. Use a receipt generator that can help you and your finance teams to improve and make the claims faster. You can authorize one of your employees that are on a travel assignment to enter data on the system for easy access and reporting.  ExpressExpense lets you create a receipt on your phone anytime. You can provide the company smartphone to your employee and download the app on Apple Store and Google Play Store and set it up. It’s a real-time tracking expense and automates on your end. You manage your receipts digitally. As a result, you only need to match the receipts with the employee-declared expenses in the system.

Receipt Making Tips, Receipt Making Tips, Receipt Making Tips, Receipt Making Tips, Receipt Making Tips, Receipt Making Tips

E-receipts as a Powerful Marketing Tool

When it comes to receipts, many businesses are doing things differently these days, giving consumers the choice of receiving them in: 

  1. a traditional paper copy – one thing is certain, these are prone to fading or get lost in the process.
  2. a digital copy – it can be emailed and stored for a long period moreover can revolutionize retail marketing.

As a marketer, you may be wondering how you can utilize digital receipts as a productive marketing tool? 

Here are some great things to ponder:

  • E-receipt can help you to generate leads

Using e-receipts will allow you to create a strong email list of your customers that will help you create a more significant and personal relationship with your customers through newsletters or other kinds of email marketing, such as explainer videos – which is likely the most appealing technique. Other powerful tools are white papers, ebooks, and also special events or discount offers.

The best part is that all of your emails are of excellent quality because you get them straight from your clients rather than collecting them yourself. This allows you to send the appropriate messages to the appropriate people.

  • E-receipts can help you to determine your customer preferences 

Using e-receipts will help you collect consumer data at the transaction level much more easily. You can use all of that important, intelligent data to learn about each customer’s preferences.

You can simply build a more personal, successful, and relevant digital marketing plan after you discover more about your consumers’ preferences, what items they purchase the most, their typical spending, demographics, time of purchase, and more. As a result, customer retention can be the best advantage because you sell them what they need.

  • E-receipts can help you collect customer feedback 

Customer input is critical for your organization to enhance operations and retain customers. Using e-receipts can support you to collect customer feedback without bothering your offline consumers by asking them to submit a review on your official website or social media pages.

With client feedback, you’ll know which parts of your business need to be doubled down on and which need to be improved. It enables you to monitor how your company is performing in real-time. As a result, this can lead to a stronger overall company strategy and improved consumer satisfaction. It’s an undeniable win-win situation.

  • E-Receipts can help you to promote related products

E-receipts may be much more than just transaction data. When links to your official business website or social media pages are included in your receipts, you may encourage further engagement. Other related goods can be included in the receipts as well. 

This allows you to advertise other items without being aggressive or hard-selling. It assists clients in becoming acquainted with items that they are likely to be interested in.

  • E-receipts can help to distinguish your business from your competitors

While your competitors continue to utilize thermal paper receipts, implementing e-receipts can help to demonstrate to your customers that you are one step ahead. More clients will be ready to invest in your business since your retail is unique and creative. Most of the time, customers never leave their smartphones, and patronizing e-receipts can keep all purchase information at their fingertips for an extended period of time. 

If your customers know that your retail firm delivers exceptional value and a novel shopping experience through the use of e-receipts, they will definitely select you more than your competitors who still use traditional paper receipts.

ExpressExpense, a receipt maker, can help you start using digital receipts and using them as a high-performing marketing medium that will help your business reach your financial and marketing objective fast and efficiently.

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Benefits of Digital Receipts to the Earth

Every company knows the significance of providing receipts. At the end of the sales transaction, a cashier or assigned store personnel always asks a very straightforward question to answer – Do you want a receipt? And many times, customers say “Yes” to ensure that their purchases were accurately billed, or in case of returns/exchange items, it would be easier.

Digital receipts are manageable. You can send it through email, text, or let it store on your mobile app (Available on Google Play Store and App Store). These are useful for tracking purchases, making returns/exchanges, if you have a limited budget and wanna stick with a certain amount to spend each month, or need proper supporting documents in preparing for the tax season

Today, more and more companies are embracing digital receipts as paperless management is effortless and gives you more time and extra money to spend with your other business ventures. Even customers are happy with how they can keep and save their receipts and access them anytime. Advocates of paperless receipts further claim that printed receipts are wasteful of resources. There are cases that it cannot be implemented 100% however you can set digital receipts as your major priority rather than paper receipts for smooth paperless implementation.

Digital receipt management is quick and convenient. Business owners appreciate the benefits it gives when it comes to saving costs, increasing employees’ work productivity, and easy tracking of documents. With the proper tools and software used like receipt maker ExpressExpense you will savor the positive effects of using digital receipts. 

Lastly, it’s not just the companies who reap blessings but also the environment. Here is some useful information for you:

  1. You save the health of every individual customer that comes to your store. You prevent them from exposure to dangerous chemicals Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Bisphenol-S (BPS). Many thermal paper receipts printed contain this kind of chemical and it is not healthy for humans. 
  1. You prevent food and water sources from chemical contamination. No more throwing paper receipts into trash and landfill. Receipts are printed on thermal paper, which is hazardous since it contains BPA and resists decomposition. Because most receipts are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, they must be discarded.
  1. Save millions of trees from cutting down just to produce a roll of paper receipts. Trees emit oxygen, which we require to breathe. They minimize stormwater runoff, which reduces pollution and erosion in our rivers, and may alleviate flooding consequences especially today that the world is adapting to climate change. Many animal species rely on trees for habitat. Many birds and animals rely on trees for food, safety, and shelter. Trees tremendously improve the quality of life of humans and other living things.

Digital receipts are increasingly replacing paper receipts as the preferred receipt option. This is one of the great advancements of technology as a business tool and contributes as a great and worthwhile investment for business owners. This is incredible news for both merchants and customers, who will profit from this digital transition and experience leaps and bounds.