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Benefits of Digital Receipts to the Earth

Every company knows the significance of providing receipts. At the end of the sales transaction, a cashier or assigned store personnel always asks a very straightforward question to answer – Do you want a receipt? And many times, customers say “Yes” to ensure that their purchases were accurately billed, or in case of returns/exchange items, it would be easier.

Digital receipts are manageable. You can send it through email, text, or let it store on your mobile app (Available on Google Play Store and App Store). These are useful for tracking purchases, making returns/exchanges, if you have a limited budget and wanna stick with a certain amount to spend each month, or need proper supporting documents in preparing for the tax season

Today, more and more companies are embracing digital receipts as paperless management is effortless and gives you more time and extra money to spend with your other business ventures. Even customers are happy with how they can keep and save their receipts and access them anytime. Advocates of paperless receipts further claim that printed receipts are wasteful of resources. There are cases that it cannot be implemented 100% however you can set digital receipts as your major priority rather than paper receipts for smooth paperless implementation.

Digital receipt management is quick and convenient. Business owners appreciate the benefits it gives when it comes to saving costs, increasing employees’ work productivity, and easy tracking of documents. With the proper tools and software used like receipt maker ExpressExpense you will savor the positive effects of using digital receipts. 

Lastly, it’s not just the companies who reap blessings but also the environment. Here is some useful information for you:

  1. You save the health of every individual customer that comes to your store. You prevent them from exposure to dangerous chemicals Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Bisphenol-S (BPS). Many thermal paper receipts printed contain this kind of chemical and it is not healthy for humans. 
  1. You prevent food and water sources from chemical contamination. No more throwing paper receipts into trash and landfill. Receipts are printed on thermal paper, which is hazardous since it contains BPA and resists decomposition. Because most receipts are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, they must be discarded.
  1. Save millions of trees from cutting down just to produce a roll of paper receipts. Trees emit oxygen, which we require to breathe. They minimize stormwater runoff, which reduces pollution and erosion in our rivers, and may alleviate flooding consequences especially today that the world is adapting to climate change. Many animal species rely on trees for habitat. Many birds and animals rely on trees for food, safety, and shelter. Trees tremendously improve the quality of life of humans and other living things.

Digital receipts are increasingly replacing paper receipts as the preferred receipt option. This is one of the great advancements of technology as a business tool and contributes as a great and worthwhile investment for business owners. This is incredible news for both merchants and customers, who will profit from this digital transition and experience leaps and bounds.

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