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ExpressExpense’s Massive Receipt Database

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We’ve scoured the internet and created an archive of receipts from all around the world.

ExpressExpense Receipt Archive

These receipts come from image crawling of millions of websites.  They include recent digital receipts and very old historic receipts.  We hope to also begin our own collection system for receipts that allows our users to upload their own receipts in hope of archiving them online for others to see and learn from.  We’re not just the largest receipt maker in the world – we’re also the largest internet archive of receipts!

To use the archive, simply click on the link ExpressExpense Receipt Archive and you will be able to flip through the thousands of receipts using your browser.  We’ve attempted to collect a very large variety of styles, formats and layouts in our archive.

There are a wide variety of receipt types represented in our database.  The interface is simple to use to find receipts you would like to view.  You can move through the pages and pages of receipts using the NEXT and PREV buttons on the screen.  To enlarge a receipt for easier viewing, simply click on the receipt image and it will appear larger on screen.  To download a receipt, simply right click the image on screen and select “Save Image” from the browser dialog window.

Over time, we hope to continue to grow our receipt database to include receipts from every major retailer and company in the world.  If you have a digital stash of receipts you would like to contribute to our receipt archive, please contact us using the CONTACT link.



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