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How Does ExpressExpense Work?

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Did you lose a receipt and want to replace it? Do you want to create a new receipt to show off to your friends and family? Are you a business owner who needs a receipt for your goods or services? Do you want a fake receipt for $6000 in hotdog? If yes, then consider It is a receipt generator website allows you to create receipts for any purpose at a small cost. It is a service that will allow you replace what you lost or get a new receipt for business or pleasure. If you require receipts regularly, then you can take advantage of the websites one-time fee for a 12-month unlimited access. If it’s a one time or once in a while requirement, then you just have to pay the small cost every time you need a receipt.

How it works is an easy to use receipt generator. All the steps you need to get a receipt are outlined for you at the homepage of the website. So first, you will fill out the receipt details and then click on the ‘Make receipt’ icon. The receipt will appear on the screen for preview. If you don’t like, you can always make adjustments. After you are satisfied, click on ‘Buy receipt.’ You will be directed to make your payment via PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin. After payment, the ‘purchase to remove’ watermark will disappear, and you can now download your receipt.

Why use

Wide selection of receipts offers a wide range of receipt designs to choose from. It will not only save the day but allow you to choose the exact receipt that you want. And you get to make the adjustment yourself until you are satisfied. Payment is done after you are okay with the design. Some of the design styles you will get at this receipt maker website include

  • Common receipt which is a standard sales receipt
  • Itemized receipt which allows you to add individual items
  • Itemized barcode, good choice if you want something for meals
  • Custom logo receipt: this allows you to upload your custom logo
  • Taxi receipt
  • Simple receipt on a wrinkled paper
  • Parking receipt for garages, parking lots
  • Special receipt- Basically a Point- to- Point uber style receipt
  • Restaurant receipts for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants
  • Gas receipt for fuel
  • Generic receipt for any transaction
  • Computer repair receipt for repair services / repair with location map
  • Map receipts: It includes map of business location
  • Modern gas receipt
  • Large custom logo receipt

The international receipts that you create will be supported by a currency of your choice. Available options include Dollars, Euros and British Sterling. You can make receipts for Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, France. For gas receipts, you will have an option of either liters or gallons.

Download resizable receipts

When you purchase your receipt, you will receive it in .JPG format. The original measurement is 300 by 600 pixels. You can scale it to a size of your choice.


Many people shy away from shopping online for fear of personal information leaking to other parties. ExpenseExpense does not share your information with 3rd parties. The credit card or PayPal information is not stored on their server. It is a receipt generator website that will not get your email clogged with spam messages or your financial details compromised.

Save time

Instead of spending lots of time retracing your steps, you can easily purchase a receipt and save time. Even if you search thoroughly, you might not get the receipt at the end of it all. For business owners, you can quickly get receipts for your consumers and keep the business going. Don’t keep the customers waiting as this may give your business a bad reputation. At your receipt will be available for download as soon as you have purchased it.

Create customized receipts

This is a good feature especially for business people who want to create receipts for the customers. You can create with your custom logo. This gives you something more personal, which can act as an advertising tool for your business.




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