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April 2014


Logos and Map Location images added

We’ve now included the ability to change the logo on the receipt.  Choose between a restaurant, taxi, or a map of the location.  Hope this helps for replacing a lost restaurant receipt or other type of receipt.

Please let us know if there are other logos you are interested in seeing on a replacement receipt.  We’ll do our best to add more.

Don’t forget we also have custom parking receipt replacement – available at:



Quickly print taxi and parking receipts

Our replacement receipts are high quality JPG images.  This makes it easy to print or electronically submit with your expense report.  Faster, easier and better quality than using a Word or PDF template.   You can easily scale the JPG receipt to any size you would like using either an image editor or by importing into Word and resizing the image.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for improving the images being created.  We’re always looking to improve our service.


Helping people across the land

Thanks to all of those who have been testing our receipt replacement tools. Thank you for the feedback.  We’re working on a number of improvements and additional high-quality receipt templates.  We have exciting improvements coming soon!

Your pals, ExpressExpense


Fix that Parking Receipt nightmare

Yep.  Just back from Chicago and left the parking ticket – which was also the receipt – in the rental car at the airport.  My Concur Solutions system is flashing the Receipt Required symbol and I’ve called the Parking Garage enough times to make the ringer…which I’m sure was disconnected long ago in the dusty, dim dungeon which charges $28 for 1.5hrs.

Thank goodness for ExpessExpense.  Replace that lost parking receipt instantly.  In a Jiffy.  Day saved.  Report filed.  Now toss that stuff they tell you is coffee away and go buy yourself a nice Americano down the street.


Providing receipt samples

Have a receipt that is perfect for creating an online receipt template?  Send us a note via our Contact Us page and include a link to the image of the receipt.  Or email us at [email protected] and attach the receipt.  We’ll examine the receipt and consider it for one of our upcoming NEW templates!


When Big Al doesn’t give you a taxi receipt

Over the past few years, I’ve been to plenty of sales events and trade shows.  Meetings with vendors and reps.  Dinners with co-workers and clients.    I’ve learned to organize my receipts on the flight home and image them using my handy iPhone app.  This makes it easy to upload them once my WIFI reconnects and then they are populated in my queue for building my dreaded expense report.

Then it happens.  I have a gap in my travels not documented by these scraps of carbon-copied, BPA-filled paper.  Humm.  I made it to the restaurant in a taxi.  But how did I make it back to the hotel?  I check my credit card statement and find the charge.  $34.00 to “TAXI World” that somehow I do not have a receipt for.  Unfortunately, my expense report cannot be submitted without a receipt.  I call our accounting department and they are no help.  Sorry – you’ll need to contact the taxi company and get a replacement receipt.  Well that is impossible!  The credit card charge doesn’t list a contact number and how am I ever going to call “Big Al” – the baritone beast that provided me a lift back to my hotel that night?  He is a thousand miles away and lord knows he isn’t going to answer his flip-phone and FAX me a copy of my receipt during his downtime.  No way.

For this purpose – you need to create a replacement taxi receipt.  Report submitted. Report approved.  Cash in my account.  Credit card bill happily paid.  Everyone is happy.