How To Make Receipts

ExpressExpense allows you to make your own receipts fast!

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Internet commerce has become the new norm and businesses that lack a physical space are increasingly successful. But what happens when you need to issue a receipt or invoice for the sale of your products or services? To meet this need emerged ExpressExpense (, an online receipt creator for businesses and individuals.

ExpressExpense was born to make life easier for online businesses and individuals who offer their services online independently. Your receipt maker serves to replace receipts that you have lost or create new receipts for your products or services. It was originally available only in English, but now, looking to expand its reach, it opened to Spanish-speaking countries.

In fact, it is already available in Latin America and the rest of the countries in the region. With this tool, small businesses will be able to deliver receipts to their customers and others can replace the ones they have lost in case they need them on their tax return. In addition, the ExpressExpense website is optimized for mobile devices, so you can create your receipts from your phone and receive them in your email without problems.

How does ExpressExpense work?

Creating a receipt on this platform is very simple. You just have to choose from the many available templates, customize the receipt and download it to print it or send it online. Once you have your receipt ready you just have to click on “Buy receipt” and then you must cancel it with your credit card.

ExpressExpense is ideal for those who want to invoice easily and each receipt has a very small cost. In addition, you can opt for a membership for one year and cancel a single rate that will allow you to print how many receipts your business needs.

Your receipts can be from restaurants, taxi service, coffee shops, parking lots, for cash transactions or any other purpose. In case you have an online store or offer services as a freelancer, being able to deliver a receipt to your clients will make you look more professional. ExpressExpense receipts can be issued in the most important currencies such as dollars, euros or pounds among others.

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