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October 2014


How (and Why?) we use Stripe for payments

Stripe payment integration allows ExpressExpense to easily take payments from within our site efficiently and securely.  It is seamless to the customer and a piece of cake to implement.

The beauty of Stripe is that the customer credit card information is NEVER stored on our systems.  It is passed to Stripe via an encrypted token and then a response is sent back indicating payment success/failure.

If you are looking for a sample Stripe form in PHP, we have a simpleone here we would like to share:

This form takes required information for a class registration, sends the payment request to stripe and then emails the customer a payment receipt and redirects them to a “thank you” page.

We enjoy using additional add-ons for Stripe to allow us to report on on the payment data Stripe produces.  Two 3rd party add-ons to Stripe we recommend: – Provides reporting on payment information.  I appreciate the customizable reports that allow us to visualize monthly data for card type information, fees vs payments and payment failures. – gives us instant notification of Stripe payments and error messages to mobile devices.

Give Stripe a shot on your website.  It takes the headaches out of payments!


Find out what our customers are saying….

How many times have we gone through the awkward situation of losing receipts for expenses that our company has to reimburse us for?

I recently discovered a great service that can provide solutions to the challenge of loss of expensereceipts. Earlier this year, I lost three receipts for a business trip to New York .  Like most Fortune 500 companies, my company requires submission of receipts for travel reimbursement.Fortunately, I found an online generator  that allowed me to create custom replacement receipts.   They offer a variety of receipt templates including: restaurant, café, sales, parking and taxi service receipts.  Thankfully, I was able to replace my 3 receipts andI was fully reimbursed by my company. is also useful for small companies and business owners who need to create their own receipts.   Companies can use the online generation service and in turn have access to numerous receipt templates to create receipts for customers. It is also important to note that these receipts can be sent via email to customers.   In a few seconds, you can use one of thereceipt templates and have a formal receipt of payment.

This tool will help you save you money on your next expense report. The system is quite easy and friendly, just fill in the details of the receipt and then click “Create receipt.” Your customreceipt will be displayed. You can make as many changes to the receipt, as required and click on “Purchase Receipt” once you are ready to buy a valid credit card to complete the purchase is necessary.


Itemized Receipt Template now available!

itemized receipt template image

itemized receipt template

We’ve added an Itemized Receipt Template to our offerings.  Simply click “itemized” under the style choice and then enter each item you would like to appear on the receipt.  Keep in mind the receipt total will become the sub total of all of the items listed.  Be sure to enter your Tax Rate – as that is also used by the itemized receipt template in the grand total.

Please let us know if there are additional features or updates you would like to see in this new receipt template.