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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) हिन्दी (Hindi) Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Français (French) is now available in French! This website allows you to create receipts for anything you can think of – for business or for personal use. They have a very simple interface for you to customize the receipt you create on the screen. You simply enter the company name, address and cost, and ExpressExpense then creates a personalized receipt to download. The website allows you to create receipts in a variety of languages ​​and currencies. There are many different styles and models that can be done: restaurant, fuel, coffee, parking, detailed, custom logo and many more.

Receipts created using ExpressExpense can be instantly downloaded to your computer or emailed to your inbox. The system generates high quality receipts in JPG format for print or for digital needs. The ExpressExpense website is extremely mobile and allows easy receipt creation from your phone or another mobile device.

Small business owners and individuals can use ExpressExpense to generate receipts to send to customers for their purchases. The system was designed to allow taxi drivers to create receipts for their passengers. Enter the cost of the receipt and the e-mail address of the customer and in a few seconds – the passenger has a perfect receipt sent to his email.

Businesses can also integrate with the ExpressExpense API to enable automated receipts on demand. This allows any application or website to produce receipts for its customers.

Come see why ExpressExpense is the # 1 Producer of Inbound Receipts.

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