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September 2016

ExpressExpense News

New International Currencies Added

Based on member feedback, we’ve added three additional currencies to our receipt template offerings.  Simple use the currency dropdown selector to choose your currency and you can create a receipt with the international currency of your choice.

  • DHS -United Arab Emirates currency – Emirati Dirham  (aka. AED) (rate)
  • Rs – India’s currency – Indian Rupee (rate)
  • SG – Singapore’s currency – Singapore Dollar  (rate)

This adds to the existing currencies already available:

  • USD – United States Dollar
  • GBP – Great British Pound
  • EUR – European Union Euro

We also provide the option of “None” to remove the currency symbol on any receipt you create.  This generates a receipt with numeric-only data and allows for the receipt to represent virtually any international receipt.

Need a receipt in another international currency?  Please send us a comment and let us know what you need.  We’re always looking to improve the Best Receipt Maker in the World!