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April 2015


Top 5 List – Unusual Expensed Items

These are great! Here are a few very interesting things that have been expensed using our services at ExpressExpense.  Perhaps these were just for fun, but otherwise we would love to know what kind of job entails these types of expensed items!  Thanks for making us all laugh!

1. Clown Services – $250
2. $457 worth of Church’s Chicken
3. 1/8 of High Grade – Kush – Terrapin Care Station, Boulder Colorado (must have lost receipt!)
4. 1 Black Dong, 1 EZ Cuffs, 2 12oz Astrolube – really hoping this was a Bachelorette Party receipt
5. $13,000 Golf Membership


View all Receipt Template Styles

You’ve spoken.  We’ve listened.  We added the ability to easily view the variety of template styles we offer.  It’s simple.  Pick a receipt style.  Enter the receipt information.  Save or Email the receipt.





Generic Receipt Template added

We’ve added another template to our collection.  The Generic Receipt template can be used for any kind of transaction.  It is a good option for news stands, ice cream shops, toll booths and many other receipt applications.  Use it for small purchases or large ones.  It includes all of the standard fields from the normal receipts – date, time, location, amount, payment type, cost, tax.  Generice Receipt Template