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Australia Receipts Available Now

We’re now in Australia!  Need a receipt to / from a popular tourist destination in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth? We’ve got you covered.

You can make taxi receipts, gas receipts, cafe receipts, coffee receipts or any kind of receipt you can possibly imagine.  Customize your receipt using our easy-to-use online receipt generator tool.

Taking a taxi?  Need a taxi receipt? As a rule, the passenger may request a taxi receipt from the driver and the driver must provide a receipt that is legible and contains the following details:

  • signature of the driver
  • number of the taxi
  • driver accreditation number
  • all items which make up the total fare
  • total amount paid
  • payment date
  • driver’s ABN.

Here are the most common tourist attractions in Sydney that travelers may visit and need receipts for:

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Rocks

Circular Quay

Darling Harbour

Queen Victoria Building

Sydney Tower

Bondi Beach

George Street

Royal Botanic Gardens

Kings Cross

Taronga Zoo

Hyde Park

Art Gallery of New South Wales

St Mary’s Cathedral


New Design Launched

We’ve improved our receipt generator interface and made it easier for you to create custom receipts.   You should notice immediately that the site has a new look and feel. Here are some of the other improvements.

  • Easier to select the receipt template and enter the fields needed to generate the receipt
  • Receipt data is saved during your session to allow you to easier change template and retain your receipt information
  • Paypal payment integration has been added to single receipt and membership payment
  • Bitcoin payment integration has been added to single receipt and membership payment
  • Ability to change password
  • Receipts are now attached to the email instead of linked in-line
  • The site is MUCH faster.  We’ve reduced the CSS, Javascript and image sizes in order to greatly speed page load.  We went from 3.5 seconds to 1 second page load time on the landing page!

New design coming soon…

We’re in the midst of a full site redesign guaranteed to make it easier to create receipts quickly and easily.  We actually crowdsourced the design from and had an excellent experience throughout the process.  We had 32 designs submitted and we narrowed the field down to 6 finalists.  We liked the simplicity of this designer’s design and the 1-2-3 flow he incorporated into the receipt making process.  Take a look and let us know what you think!




Special Receipt template added!



We have added another receipt style called “Special” – and we think it is very slick.  It allows for point-to-point taxi service receipt generation.   This one is excellent for limo rides, private vehicle transportation, shared ride services or standard taxi or cab ride receipts.

Simply enter the Starting Location and Destination fields – and the map will update with the path.  You still need to click “generate receipt” – in order to get the pricing to render and for the complete receipt to be created.

Please take a look and let us know your thoughts.  If there are any ways we can improve this template or our service, we would love to hear from you.




The Best Invoice Makers and Generators of 2015

For this roundup, we tested 12 online invoice services, most of which didn’t make the cut to be included here as the best players in the invoicing game.  Only 7 made the final round where we detailed the features and provided a side-by-side comparison of their services.


419598-side-by-side-comparisonvvvvvvvvvvvvvv  online invoices logo  invoicehome logo  zoho invoice logo
Price per month $9.99/month  @ 10k / month 

$29/month @ 25k / month


$99/month @ 100k/ month

$9 / month @ 120 invoices, 12 clients, 12 invoice layouts 

$19.95 / month @ 300 invoices, 30 clients, 30 layouts

$39.95 / month @ unlimited invoices, unlimited clients, unlimited layouts

$5 / month – Unlimited $15 / month – 500 contacts, 3 users 

$30 / month –  unlimited users, unlimited contacts

 $9.95 / month – 5 clients 

$19.95 / month – 25 clients


$29.99 / month – Unlimited clients – 1 staff user


$39.99/ month – Unlimited clients – 5 staff users

$9.95 / monthFREE for 21-days of unlimited use FREE – No paid versions available
Free Version YES – FREE 60-day trail subscription (up to $10k in invoices) YES – 30 invoices per month, watermarked invoices YES – Free up to $1k per month in invoices  YES – 1 User, 5 Customers  YES – 1 Customer  YES YES
Custom Logo  YES – Upload  YES, upload  YES – Upload or existing symbols  YES  YES YES  NO
Number of Invoice Templates  1 – (expert users can modify CSS of template for custom looks)  3 Over 300  7  2  1 NO
Save / Review Invoices YES YES YES YES  YES  YES NO
Languages  English  English  English, French, Spanish, German  English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish  English, Spanish, French  English  English
Login Connectivity  Email  Email  Google, Facebook, Windows, Yahoo, Email  Email  Email  Email  Email
Payment Gateways  Paypal, Stripe  Paypal, Paymate, eWay  PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe  Paypal, Paypal Pro,, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree, forte, worldpay  Paypal, Stripe, Freshbooks  Paypal  NONE
Payment Types  Credit, Bitcoin, Paypal  Credit, Paypal  Credit, Paypal  Credit, Bitcoin, Paypal  Credit, Paypal  Credit, Paypal  NONE
Email Invoice  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  NO
Customer Database  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  NO
Payment Tracking  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  NO
Secure  YES – 256-bit SSL  NO  YES – 256-bit SSL  YES – 128-bit SSL   YES – 128-bit SSL  YES – 128-bit SSL  NO
Item Inventory  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES NO
Personalized Website for Invoices  YES  YES  NO  YES  YES  NO  NO
Recurring Billing  YES  YES  NO  YES  YES  NO  NO
Reporting  YES  YES  YES YES – extensive  YES  VERY LIMITED  NO
Chasing Reminders  NO  YES  NO  YES  YES  NO NO
Discounts, Promos  YES  NO  NO  YES  YES  YES  NO
Dashboard  YES – Shows billing metrics, Ave time to pay, collections efficiency, recent activity, charting of payments/invoices  YES – Invoice search, client search, overdue invoices, charting of payments/invoices  YES – Lists of invoices, overdue invoices, customers  YES – Total receivables, overdue invoices, top expenses and more  YES  – Total receivables, overdue invoices, top expenses  YES – List of invoices  NO
 Currency  AUS, CAD, CNY,EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, USD, ZAR…many more   AUS, CAD, CNY,EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, USD, ZAR…many more  AUS, CAD, CNY,EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, USD, ZAR…many more  AUS, CAD, CNY,EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, USD, ZAR…many more  AUS, CAD, CNY,EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, USD, ZAR…many more  USD  USD
 Multiple  Organizations  NO  NO  NO  YES  NO  NO  NO
Multiple Users  YES  NO  NO  YES  YES  NO  NO


Here are some additional notes on the online invoicing services we reviewed.

  • Smooth navigation. Excellent design.
  • Allows export of invoices to CSV format.
  • Mobile friendly website.

  • Complicated setup and administration.  Too many options and settings to choose from.
  • Not secure.  No SSL encryption means your data and customers information is being exposed.

  • Best option for custom template look/feel – with over 100 beautifully designed templates to choose from.
  • Export invoice information to XLS

  • Nice wizard on startup to gather important info.
  • Smart wizards on each section to guide you through first time use and setup.
  • Professional interface.  Easy to use.
  • CRM connectivity between Zoho CRM system
  • Excellent

  • Login process is a little strange.  You need to login to you own subdomain account only visible from an email that Freshbooks sends you upon sign-up.
  • Excellent Import/Export support of clients, invoices..etc.

Top 5 List – Unusual Expensed Items

These are great! Here are a few very interesting things that have been expensed using our services at ExpressExpense.  Perhaps these were just for fun, but otherwise we would love to know what kind of job entails these types of expensed items!  Thanks for making us all laugh!

1. Clown Services – $250
2. $457 worth of Church’s Chicken
3. 1/8 of High Grade – Kush – Terrapin Care Station, Boulder Colorado (must have lost receipt!)
4. 1 Black Dong, 1 EZ Cuffs, 2 12oz Astrolube – really hoping this was a Bachelorette Party receipt
5. $13,000 Golf Membership


View all Receipt Template Styles

You’ve spoken.  We’ve listened.  We added the ability to easily view the variety of template styles we offer.  It’s simple.  Pick a receipt style.  Enter the receipt information.  Save or Email the receipt.





Generic Receipt Template added

We’ve added another template to our collection.  The Generic Receipt template can be used for any kind of transaction.  It is a good option for news stands, ice cream shops, toll booths and many other receipt applications.  Use it for small purchases or large ones.  It includes all of the standard fields from the normal receipts – date, time, location, amount, payment type, cost, tax.  Generice Receipt Template


Free receipt templates!

We’re offering a free receipt template each month!  That’s right, completely free – gratis – zero – zilch.  Simply take a look at the receipt Styles available and one of them will be marked “FREE.”  Enter your receipt information, click Generate Receipt – and you’ll have what you need.   Enjoy!


Tech4Bros and GeekDashboard reviews

Two reviews of our site last month provided excellent traffic to our site.  Thanks to 

5 Best Free Online Receipt Maker Tools

Another great and comprehensive online receipts generator tool. Using expressexpense, you can create your custom & fake receipt within few moments and only few clicks of your mouse/keyboard. With this tool, you can create taxi, shop, restaurant and cash receipt by using its pre-made templates. It gives you options to select a template style size such as itemized, sales, parking or squared. Also you can specify that for what do you want to make the receipt. You can select one like Taxi, Generic, Restaurant, Coffee etc which show it a perfect receipt maker for all types of receipts specified above.

7 Best Free Online Receipt Generators

Brief review:  Expressexpense is an advanced receipt generator having ability of making receipts with lot of details required for a receipt. With this tool, you can make a taxi, coffee, restaurant, office supply and Map receipts easily. Tough unlike the other tools mentioned above this is a paid tool, you need to sign-up and pay one time in order to get access to its watermark-free receipts.

More from Tech4bros review below.

Online receipt generators enable us to generate your own receipt directly within your browser. When it comes to online tools, you don’t need anything to download or install on your computer, all you need to do is to visit the appropriate website, fill out the form with appropriate values and details and hula! You’re done everything. Even those tools don’t ask you for registering yourself with it in order to get started.

It is whether you  just lost your taxi receipt, gas receipt or any other receipt and are looking for an online receipt generator then you are arrived just in the right place because here in this post we will be sharing a list of best and free online tools that has the ability of custom receipt making.