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How to get a receipt for Venmo payment?

Need a receipt for a Venmo payment?  Venmo only offers very basic records of your payments.  If you need a receipt for goods or services and were paid with Venmo – you are likely searching for an easier solution for creating a receipt for your transaction.   We have a solution to the situation:  ExpressExpense Receipt Maker.

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If you received or sent a payment with Venmo and need a receipt – ExpressExpense is an easy way to create a receipt.



ExpressExpense allows you to create receipts for anything.  Once you’ve created a receipt, you can easily share the receipt via email or SMS.

ExpressExpense Receipt Maker offers many receipt templates.  Receipts can be itemized, include logos, have specific tax-rates and currencies.

If you pay your housekeeper $100 a week using Venmo (or other payment services) and need a receipt for tax purposes…make a receipt!

If you are running lemonade stand and need to provide customers with accurate receipts for Venmo payments of $1 per lemonade…make a receipt using ExpressExpense!

If you are a trades persons (electrician, carpenter, etc) and you provide your services or supplies to a client or general contractor – make a receipt!



In Spanish

We now offer receipts in Spanish!

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You lost an important receipt? ExpressExpense has a solution

Nothing to be ashamed of, we all lost important receipts. You may need it for your tax filing. Or you must provide your expense list on your work trip. In order to solve these small crisis, Express Expense arrived.

The versatility of our service is unparalleled. We have a little bit of a new model for adding receipts for any situation.

Do not worry about losing important receipts, be it restaurant bills, parking tickets, gas bills or taxis. ExpressExpense allows you to create any receipt. In addition, you can not only replace what you have lost, but also create a new impress your friends.

If you work for your account, ExpressExpense will allow you to issue a receipt for your product or service for your customer at a very low cost per receipt.

How to use ExpressExpense?

Use this service is very simple. First, you have to choose an available receipt template. Then, just fill in the same data for each field and click “Make a receipt.” Then, your prepared receipt will appear on the screen and you can make any adjustments you deem necessary. Click “Buy Receipt” as and when ready.

The receipt can only be purchased with a valid credit card. Once you have done it, it will appear without your watermark that you can download or send by email. That’s it. It’s easy. You already have your important receipt or give your customer a new receipt. Our service gives you the possibility to purchase a separate receipt, or if you require frequent receipts, register for one year and purchase as many receipts as possible.

what are you waiting for? Visit ExpressExpense and create your own receipts quickly and easily.

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Most common receipts in Mexico

Studies of large data sets reveal that these are the most common revenues for retailers in Mexico.

Chedraui receipt
City Club (wholesale club) receipt
Comercial Mexicana receipt
The Palacio de Hierro received
Grupo Elektra I receive
Grupo Famsa receipt
Grupo Sanborns I receive
Liverpool I receive
OXXO receipt
Sears receipt
Shasa receipt
Suburbia receipt
Stores Extra receipt
Woolworth Mexicana receipt
Orgnaizacion Soriana receipt
FEMSA Comercio receipt
Coppel receipt
Commercial Group Chedraui receipt
Mexican Commercial Controller Receipt
Dorian’s receipt
Gran Hotel Mexico City receipt
Old Merchants Portal receipt
The Palacio de Hierro received
Viana receipt
Aladino’s receipt
Alsuper receipt
Arteli receipt
The Asturian (receipt
The Herlomex Winery received
Calimax I receive
The Grand Cellar I receive
Sailor I receive
Nena’s receipt
S-Mart receipt
Welton receipt
Costco receipt
Wallmark I receive

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Receipts in Brazil – The Most Common

In Brazil, there are many companies that provide receipts to customers. Here are the most common business receipts outstanding in Brazil today.

Extra receipt
Sugar Loaf receipt
Assaí Wholesaler receipt
Casas Bahia Receipt
Cold Point Receipt
Casas Bahia Receipt receipt receipt
Left travel receipts receipt receipt
Cdiscount receipt
Live receipt
Qualitá Receipt
Cacin0 receipt
Taeq I receive
Club des Sommeliers receipt
Finlandek receipt
Carrefour receipt
Carrefour Neighborhood receipt
Carrefour Express receipt
Atacadão and Supeco Recebo
Carrefour Drugstores receipt
Carrefour Receipts receipt
Carrefour Connect receipt
Carrefour receipt
Carrefour Selection receipt
Live receipt
Carrefour Kids receipt
Carrefour Baby receipt
Carrefour Discount receipt
Tex receipt
Wal-Mart Receipt
BIG receipt
Hi Good Price Receipt
Good receipt price
Merchant receipt
National receipt
Every day I receive
Sam’s Club receipt
Maxxi Wholesale receipt
Walmart Pharmacy Receipt
Walmart post receipt
Fotocenters receipt
Big taste receipt
Cafeterias receipt
Feel welcome
Good receipt price
Great Value Receipt
Equate receipt
Ekonomico receipt
Top Chef receipt
Member’s Mark receipt
Bakers & Chefs receipt
I will trust receipt
Select Edition receipt
Simply Basic Receipt
George Receipt
725 receipt
Athletic Works receipt
Supertech Receipt
Ozark Receipt
Pro Works receipt
Bretas receipt
G. Barbosa Receipt
Mercantil Rodrigues Receipt
Prezunic receipt
Zaffari Supermarkets receipt
Bourbon Supermarkets receipt
Zaffari Supermarkets receipt
Bourbon Supermarkets receipt
Muffato Max Wholesale Receipt
Hypermarket Condor receipt
Condor Supermarkets receipt
Receipt probe
Cobal Supermarkets receipt


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Hello ExpressExpense! is now available in French! This website allows you to create receipts for anything you can think of – for business or for personal use. They have a very simple interface for you to customize the receipt you create on the screen. You simply enter the company name, address and cost, and ExpressExpense then creates a personalized receipt to download. The website allows you to create receipts in a variety of languages ​​and currencies. There are many different styles and models that can be done: restaurant, fuel, coffee, parking, detailed, custom logo and many more.

Receipts created using ExpressExpense can be instantly downloaded to your computer or emailed to your inbox. The system generates high quality receipts in JPG format for print or for digital needs. The ExpressExpense website is extremely mobile and allows easy receipt creation from your phone or another mobile device.

Small business owners and individuals can use ExpressExpense to generate receipts to send to customers for their purchases. The system was designed to allow taxi drivers to create receipts for their passengers. Enter the cost of the receipt and the e-mail address of the customer and in a few seconds – the passenger has a perfect receipt sent to his email.

Businesses can also integrate with the ExpressExpense API to enable automated receipts on demand. This allows any application or website to produce receipts for its customers.

Come see why ExpressExpense is the # 1 Producer of Inbound Receipts.

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This fintech creates online invoice receipt for any purpose

Fintech’s goal ExpressExpense is to create invoice templates for personal and business use. The notes can be customized easily.

Each receipt has a small cost associated with it. You can also choose to become a member and pay a one-time unlimited access fee for 1 year. (ExpressExpense / Disclosure)

São Paulo – There is at least one invoice receipt template in ExpressExpense that may fit your business modality.

Fintech specializing in payroll receipts is creating customized notes for small and large entrepreneurs and is growing fast around here. Right now it is possible to access the website and choose from the most diverse templates offered in many different styles of invoice receipts. Receipts can be customized using an easy-to-use system and can be made for any purpose: sales receipts, cash receipts, restaurant receipts, parking receipts, taxi receipts, etc.

ExpressExpense is undergoing great growth. With the current launch of the site in Latin America, ExpressExpense’s turnover has been tripling in Brazil and the projection is up this year.

Receipts of all types, for all businesses

Those who circulate through the site realize that the catalog of notes is quite diverse. The enthusiasm in helping small entrepreneurs is the link that connects customers and founders to ExpressExpense.

Anyone can create receipts for any purpose: You can replace a long-disappearing receipt, create a new receipt to impress friends, or make a receipt for goods or services that you sell.

Only use to create false or fraudulent documents is not allowed. In this case, the user assumes all responsibility for the use of any receipt created on the site. International revenues are supported in Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling. It is also possible to make receipts for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and France. Gas receipts already support gallons and liters.

ExpressExpense Home Page: Invoice receipt templates released to users. Make all adjustments to the receipt as needed.
(ExpressExpense / Disclosure / This fintech creates online invoice receipt for any purpose)

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ExpressExpense now in Hindi is now available in Chinese! With this website help you get the receipt for which you want
Can be used for business or public use. Their interface is very simple, so you can see the receipt of the receipt
You can change what you have made on the screen. All you have to do is fill the name, address and price of your account and
Just ExpressExpense creates a special receipt for you, which you can download
Can. You can prepare a receipt for the help of this website in many languages ​​and Madhu. Many of the receipt here
There are styles and there are templates: restaurants, petrol, cafes, pets, special items, special people (symbols) and many more
Receipts created by ExpressExpense (Express Expressions) can be downloaded directly to your computer or
You are sent via email to your inbox. This system creates high-quality receipts in 􀈡PG.
Which can be used for digital or printing purposes. ExpressExpense (Express Expressense) website
It is also very rumored on mobile and you can easily generate receipt from your mobile or any other mobile device.
Small jabonas’ magicians and any person can use ExpressExpense (Express Expence). They their
Customers can send receipts related to purchases. This system was created for the first taxi drivers.
Can prepare receipts for your practitioners. Filling the receipt price and filling the customer’s email address in a few seconds
The person receives his receipt directly in his email.
All requests for sending receipts on request are also available for ExpressExpense (Express Express) 􀈘P􀈠
You can use it. To make receipts for your customers, any app or website can use it
May be.
Come see why Zak ExpressExpense (Express Express) is one of the two number one online receipt makers. अब चीनी भाषा में उपलब्ध है! इस वेबसाइट की मदद से आप जिसकी चाहें उसकी रसीद बना
सकते हैं – व्यापाररक या जनिी इस्तेमाल के जलए। इनका इंटरफ़ेस बहुत ही आसान सा है जिससे आप उस रसीद के जिज़ाइन
को बदल सकते हैं िो आपने स्रीन पर बनाई है। आपको बस अपने जबज़नस का नाम, पता और कीमत भरनी होती है और
जिर ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) आपके जलए एक ख़ास रसीद तैयार कर देता है जिसे आप िाउनलोि कर
सकते हैं। इस वेबसाइट की मदद स ेआप कई भाषाओ ंऔर मद्रु ाओ ंम ें रसीद ें तैयार कर सकते ह।ैं यहााँ पर रसीद के कई
स्टाइल होते हैं और टेम्पलेट भी होते हैं: रेस्टोरेंट, पेट्रोल, कैफ़े, पाजकिं ग, ख़ास वस्तुएाँ, ख़ास लोगो (प्रतीक जचन्ह) और बहुत
ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) के द्वारा बनाई गई रसीदें सीधे आपके कंप्यूटर में िाउनलोि की िा सकती हैं या
आपको ईमेल द्वारा आपके इनबॉक्स में भेि दी िाती हैं। यह जसस्टम 􀈡PG िॉमेट में उच्च क्वाजलटी की रसीदें तैयार करता है
जिन्हें जिजिटल या छपाई के उदेश्य से इस्तेमाल जकया िा सकता है। ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) वेबसाइट
मोबाइल पर भी बहुत बजिया चलती है और आप अपने िोन या कोई और मोबाइल जिवाइस से आसानी से रसीद तैयार कर
सकते हैं।
छोटे जबज़नस के माजलक और कोई भी व्यजि ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) का इस्तेमाल कर सकता है। वे अपने
ग्राहकों को खरीदारी से सम्बंजधत रसीदें भेि सकते हैं। यह जसस्टम पहले टैक्सी ड्राईवरों के जलए बनाया गया था ताजक वे
अपने याजियों के जलए रसीदें तैयार कर सकें । रसीद की कीमत भरने पर और ग्राहक का ईमेल पता भरने पर कुछ ही सेकंि में
यािी को उसकी रसीद सीधे उसके ईमेल में जमल िाती है।
अनुरोध करने पर अपने आप रसीदें भेिने के जलए सभी जबज़नस ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) के 􀈘P􀈠 का भी
इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं। अपने ग्राहकों के जलए रसीदें तैयार करने के जलए कोई भी ऐप या वेबसाइट इसका इस्तेमाल कर
सकती है।
आओ देखें जक ExpressExpense (एक्सप्रेस एक्सपेंस) दुजनया की नंबर 1 ऑनलाइन रसीद बनाने वालों में से एक क्यों है।


ExpressExpense allows you to make your own receipts fast!

Internet commerce has become the new norm and businesses that lack a physical space are increasingly successful. But what happens as and when you need to issue a receipt or invoice for the sale of your products or services? To meet this need emerged ExpressExpense (, an online receipt creator for businesses and individuals.

ExpressExpense was born to make life easier for online businesses and individuals who offer their services online independently. Your receipt maker serves to replace receipts that you have lost or create new receipts for your products or services. It was originally available only in English, but now, looking to expand its reach, it opened to Spanish-speaking countries.

In fact, it is already available in Latin America and the rest of the countries in the region. With this tool, small businesses will be able to deliver receipts to their customers and others can replace the ones they have lost in case they need them on their tax return. In addition, the ExpressExpense website is optimized for mobile devices, so you can create your receipts from your phone and receive them in your email without problems.

How does ExpressExpense work?

Creating a receipt on this platform is very simple. You just have to choose from the many available templates, customize the receipt and download it to print it or send it online. Once you have your receipt ready you just have to click on “Buy receipt” and then you must cancel it with your credit card.

ExpressExpense is ideal for those who want to invoice easily and each receipt has a very small cost. In addition, you can opt for a membership for one year and cancel a single rate that will allow you to print how many receipts your business needs.

Your receipts can be from restaurants, taxi service, coffee shops, parking lots, for cash transactions or any other purpose. In case you have an online store or offer services as a freelancer, being able to deliver a receipt to your clients will make you look more professional. ExpressExpense receipts can be issued in the most important currencies such as dollars, euros or pounds among others.


Did you lose an important receipt? ExpressExpense has the solution

There is nothing to be ashamed of, we have all lost an important receipt. You may need it for your tax return. Or that you have to provide a list of your expenses on a work trip. To solve these small crises, Express Expense arrived.

The versatility of our service is unparalleled. Little by little we are adding new models of receipt for any situation.

Never again will you worry about losing an important receipt, whether it’s a restaurant bill, a parking ticket, a gas bill or a taxi. ExpressExpense allows you to create receipts for anything. In addition, you can not only replace the ones you’ve lost, but also create a new one to impress your friends.

In the event that you work for your own account, ExpressExpense will allow you to issue receipts for your products or services for your clients, at a very low cost per receipt.

How to use ExpressExpense?

Using this service is very simple. First you must select one of the available receipt templates. Then, you simply fill in the details of each field of the same and click “Make Receipt.” Then, your ready receipt will appear on the screen and you can make all the adjustments you consider necessary. Then click on “Buy Receipt” once you are ready.

The receipts can be purchased only with a valid credit card. Once you do it, it will appear without your watermark and you can download it or send it by email. And that’s it, it’s that easy, you already have your important return receipt or a new one for your clients. Our service offers you the possibility to buy the receipts individually, or in the case that you need receipts frequently, register for a year and do as many as you want.

What are you waiting for? Visit ExpressExpense and start creating your own receipts quickly and easily.