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This fintech creates online invoice receipt for any purpose

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Fintech’s goal ExpressExpense is to create invoice templates for personal and business use. The notes can be customized easily.

Each receipt has a small cost associated with it. You can also choose to become a member and pay a one-time unlimited access fee for 1 year. (ExpressExpense / Disclosure)

São Paulo – There is at least one invoice receipt template in ExpressExpense that may fit your business modality.

Fintech specializing in payroll receipts is creating customized notes for small and large entrepreneurs and is growing fast around here. Right now it is possible to access the website and choose from the most diverse templates offered in many different styles of invoice receipts. Receipts can be customized using an easy-to-use system and can be made for any purpose: sales receipts, cash receipts, restaurant receipts, parking receipts, taxi receipts, etc.

ExpressExpense is undergoing great growth. With the current launch of the site in Latin America, ExpressExpense’s turnover has been tripling in Brazil and the projection is up this year.

Receipts of all types, for all businesses

Those who circulate through the site realize that the catalog of notes is quite diverse. The enthusiasm in helping small entrepreneurs is the link that connects customers and founders to ExpressExpense.

Anyone can create receipts for any purpose: You can replace a long-disappearing receipt, create a new receipt to impress friends, or make a receipt for goods or services that you sell.

Only use to create false or fraudulent documents is not allowed. In this case, the user assumes all responsibility for the use of any receipt created on the site. International revenues are supported in Dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling. It is also possible to make receipts for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and France. Gas receipts already support gallons and liters.

ExpressExpense Home Page: Invoice receipt templates released to users. Make all adjustments to the receipt as needed.
(ExpressExpense / Disclosure / This fintech creates online invoice receipt for any purpose)

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